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  1. Joker


    Great to hear from everybody! Yeah, every time I see something about the Astros winning the World Series, I still think I'm watching science fiction.
  2. Joker


    Been awhile. How is everybody? Few updates here: Got laid off in September, except I didn't, and now I have another job at the Blue Zoo. La Madre had cancer in October, except she didn't, and now we're all relieved. Critter was named an MVP in soccer this season. Now he's in sixth grade, making straight-As, loves math and science, playing basketball this winter. Big kid: 5'4", 106 lbs, never sits still, never shuts up. The Astros won the World Series. Oh, and I got a killer gaming laptop that simply shreds. What do I need to fly online with VM
  3. Hey Bilkers, what are you reading? Any fiction -- Pat Barker's "Regeneration Trilogy," perhaps? I'd also recommend Siegfried Sassoon's "Memoirs of an Infantry Officer," and Robert Graves' "Goodbye to All That." "Her Privates We" is also very good.
  4. Bilko! How have you been, mate? Sounds like a marvelous trip, especially on the Lambretta. My great-uncle, Pvt. Owen B. Sullivan, served on the Western Front in autumn 1918. He was in a field-remount squadron, supporting the cavalry, His dogtags and paybook have come down to me. I'll post photos as we roll into the centennial of his deployment.
  5. Glad you're back to seeing things one-at-a-time, Jim! Could it just have been plain eyestrain?
  6. Here's the story of the wreck: http://www.pacificwrecks.com/aircraft/p-38/42-12652.html From the Westpac photo, I thought it might be a ship from the 39th -- that's the shade of blue they used. So happens the 39th had an ace named Charles Sullivan.
  7. Joker

    Windows 10 ??

    But does it go up to 11? (Har har ...) :-)
  8. My own father was pretty disappointed with the way the world went after 1945. He thought they were putting an end to war; five years later, he was hauling munitions to Korea, and then Vietnam, and hundreds of Cold War outposts worldwide until he retired in 1987. Shortly before he retired, Pop told me, "After the war, America had the greatest merchant fleet in history. I thought the future was unlimited. Now look at our fleet. Panama has more merchant vessels." He might have been speaking about America as a whole. For all that, he didn't bear a grudge. Pop had many friends in Japa
  9. Joker

    Windows 10 ??

    Or, you might have the option to pay a one-time fee, but it'll be pretty steep.
  10. Damn, Donnie, you're looking fit!
  11. Always nice to see Jerry hit the silk! Sadly, I'm shackled to a Mac Mini, at present. A Mac that runs WT in the lowest graphical settings, mind you (which looks far better than IL2 did a dozen years ago). Let me get some more of this Real LifeTM stuff out of the way, and I'll see about a PC gaming rig. Been missing GPL and iRacing, too. Just dawned on me that I have no clue about PC hardware, these days. I guess that speaks to my accelerating senescense -- they gotta make these sims and hardware configurations easy for me. I don't have the patience for fiddling, anymore. Just th
  12. Yeah, I think Donnie has the right of it -- no flight sims worth playing anymore. EAW brought us all together, after all. That, and the Web was still pretty new, at the time. Now we're inundated with online activity. Overwhelmed, even, seeing as how much of our jobs happen online, these days. Like Jim, I fly War Thunder once in awhile, just to keep my proficiency up. However, like Gunny, I'm too busy with work and my kid's activities and life in general to devote much time to simming. Tell you what, though, if a killer flight sim came along -- think the modern version of EAW
  13. Faux grass, huh? Might be in our future, Doug. I've seen similar installations out here. Looks better than gravel or wood chips. And it seems a world removed from the Astroturf of yore. I dunno, though. I still like the feel and smell of the real thing. But if the water's running out ...
  14. Gotta love the way socialism creates problems that it can't solve. We pay farmers billions of dollars in subsidies not to work arable land all across the USA; meanwhile, here in California, we raise crops in places where there isn't any water because politicans want voters to live in those places. If the second-largest city in the USA wasn't located in a desert down south, California wouldn't have much of a drought crisis. The drought, BTW, can partially be attribituted to too little warming -- the lack of an active El Nino current in the Pacfic to bring rain to California. Meterology is co
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