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  1. Hi Tirta, I like them both personally. TAW is the latter of the two. The Five Rings concept is the heart of TAWs campaign engine and it, IMHO, incorporates a lot of the ways that air wars are fought today. The environment is MUCH more deadly than EF2000. My only complaint is the continuous respawning of enemy aircraft and the lack of a dynamic ground war. This has been addressed in other posts but I really appreciate all that has been done by the team on keeping this sim very relevant. As for EF2000 I go back to this one quite often. With things going the way that they have been going over there in recent months and Russia aggressively probing NATO defenses again has made this one for me relevant again. I also like the way that the campaigns are handled and managed. Using the old ReVive tool also enhances it for me. I'm sure others have their own views as well. Can't go wrong with either one in my opinion.
  2. I am currently following Commander T as well. Very good series. It does seem that there is an unwritten rule to take at least one fuel tank. Also depending on how you fly will determine how much fuel you expend. If you are flying low-level for all or most of the mission your fuel usage will go up dramatically. Flying higher lowers your fuel consumption. It does take some getting used to but studying and/or adjusting the waypoints themselves before take off can help with this. Hope this helps.
  3. Gentlemen, First of all I would like to give thanks to all of the efforts to improve on one of the best combat flight simulators ever, IMHO! It is a remarkable achievement of all of the improvements made and a testimony to the dedication of those who felt the need to bring back this classic! My thanks and appreciation goes out to you. I haven't tried Strategic Commander yet but plan to but did find a copy of the old Revive program from years ago. I am in the process of relearning all that I have forgotten over the years but gleefully look forward to it. In the meantime, while going through the EF2000 strategy guide I came across an AAR that I printed off from 1997(!). It was posted to the old EF2000~gamers.org site. Below is the text of the email. Maybe some of you guys are familiar with the person that wrote it. I would love to read more AARs as I get back into this marvelous sim! Ric “Harpy” Cohn Sweetman wrote: > > Hi guys, > Todays “Handy Hint” for those not aware of it. > I recently flew a custom strike mission as a lone aircraft. The plan > was, after looking at existing strike packages, that I’d try to co­ > ordinate my TOT. with a group that was bombing the hangers at the same > airfield. On the Ingress, I spotted two large (total 20 aircraft) > Russian strike packages take off from my target and a neigbouring > airfield.rearm and refuel at a NATO field, and if I’d missed the time slot with > the other NATO strike, I would just sit around until I saw another > flight heading in the direction of my own target. > > So, I intercepted the fighters escorting russian strike one, ran away > <G>, and intercepted the fighters escorting russian strike two. I > became winchester during the second interception, with the result that I > had 3 x SU35 chasing me Southwest along the coastline. > I was now wondering about the wisdom of my thinking. Then I remembered. > The *only* NATO SAM and AAA that actually fire at anything are the ones > defending NATO bases. I headed towards the nearest NATO base (about 80 > miles away). The bandits followed. In essence, I kept adjusting heading > and speed to keep those bandits chasing and locking me up, but always > heading for the base. As I approached it, I descended to low level, and > directly overilew it, keeping on the same heading. The bandits > followed, right over the airfield, where SAM (Rapier) and AAA splashed > all three. > This got me thinking. So now I landed at the same base, refuelled and > rearmed, and went off to intercept the remaining WW (2) and bombers (4) > from Russian Strike two. I killed those, and being winchester (again), > went for a cannon interception of the six remaining bombers (SU34) from > strike one. I slid gently in behind them, selected the tail end > charlie, and despatched him. All hell let loose. The remaining five > went in all different directions to turn towards me and I blasted > through the middle with burners on, and turned back towards the > airfield. To my delight, they all followed. > > Using the same tactic, I went straight over the airfield, with the > bombers between 7 and 20 miles behind me. The icing on the cake was the > sight of a 2 ship EFA CAP take off about two minutes before I reached > the base. Hehe... > Anyway, by the time I turned back to the ensuing mayhem over the > airfield, only two SU34 were still airborne and both were smoking. I > closed on one for a guns kill, but before I got to him, one of the CAP > splashed him with an ASRAAM. The other exploded in mid-air. > I landed again, and resumed my original mission. Although I destroyed > the runway, a sneaky SAM with didn’t light up his RADAR until I was > right over the target got me almost before I knew about the launch. So > no happy ending i’m afraid. > Anyway, sony if i’ve rambled, but I thought that this little tactic > might save your butt in the right situation. Any thoughts is appreciated! Thanks guys! Andre
  4. Ok, I figured it out. I still had my EF2000 CD in the drive while trying to run TAW 2.0! I read about that error when others had their TAW/ADF CD in the drive but I didn't think that would apply to having the EF2000 CD. I never thought about that until just now. So I've learned something today. So far so good so I'll give EF2000 Reloaded another try and let you know what happens. Thanks! Andre
  5. Home Fries, I am running version 2.22a. Something weird here that I can't put my finger on. When I tried TAW 2.0 this morning IT WORKED! Not sure what or why but it did. After fooling around with it for awhile, I started looking into EF2000 Reloaded and figured that I would give that a try but I had to uninstall the Win 95 version that I had installed because, from what I read, that version is not supported. Anyhow upon reinstalling EF2000 (using the Super EF installation) I thought I would try TAW 2.0 again to make sure it still works and, low and behold, it's back to the issue I had before! The launcher comes up, choose to play TAW and that's it. A second click gives me the 'TAW is already running' remark. The f22.dat file is listed in Task Manager. Only thing I saw different was that when installing EF2000 it asked did I want to install the MS C++ 2012 redistributions, which I answered yes. I have since uninstalled EF2000 and the 2012 C++ redistributions but still no luck with TAW 2.0. Now my system is just a regular old home PC that I use for casual use and the wife uses to check email so it doesn't have all of the updated hardware. So obviously I'm doing something wrong here. Thanks guys for all of your assistance and please keep up the outstanding support for both of these sims! Andre
  6. Good afternoon/evening all, I too have just completed my registration and would also like to say a very appreciated 'THANK YOU' for keeping f-22 ADF/TAW alive and well. Considered one of my best flight sims that I have had the pleasure to purchase. A special thanks to Doug Helmer for all of his assistance to help out with some technical issues I was experiencing. I have run into a problem that I don't know where it stems from. For the past three years I have been running TAW 2.0 to include up to the 2.22 Christmas patch without an issue. I was reading the forums about EF2000 and decided to install my copy of EF2000 2.0. It runs flawlessly (on Windows XP SP3). However when I try and run TAW 2.0 the launcher screen comes but when I select to run the sim it looks like it wants to launch but that is far as it goes. Checking task manager the f22.dat file shows up but that is it. Is there a known issue when trying to run both of the sims on the same system? I installed EF2000 2.0 in Wind 95 mode if that helps. Any suggestions you have is greatly appreciated. Thanks again for such an active and helpful forum. Andre
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