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  1. Thanks Home Fries, the video is good. I am now destroying the AI f22s. Corner speed was my problem, 300knts is the magic number.
  2. I am trying to watch some of the recorded ACMI (.acm) files that I have. When I got to the ACMI viewer and select the file I want to view I get a blank scene for a about 10s then the 2 planes jump around the map. Basically, it is not working. The current time indicator is not moving at all. The file. https://www.sendspace.com/file/obenfw This happens to all files I try to view.
  3. I am trying to kill some targets with free fall bombs. So far I am missing a whole lot (all the time). The manual is not very specific on how to do this, the screenshot doesn't help either. Here is how I think bombs are dropped. What am I doing wrong?
  4. I have yet to beat the f22 in a dogfight (guns only). I once managed to get a maneuver kill but that isn't quite the same. Everytime he ends up behind me. MAGIC.
  5. I like the current skins, I just wish they were higher res (maybe 2048 or even 4096)
  6. Okay, Fortunately this is a rare case anyway.
  7. For some reason I can see through some bunkers on the ground. Isee the air strip light and other grounded planes.
  8. I am trying to dogfight, I would like to use the autopilot to maintain a speed of 300 knots. THe autopilot does not use the after burners however. How can I make the autopilot use the afterburner?
  9. *slowly backs away from computer* This sounds like a lot of trouble to go through some for new textures.
  10. I want to make a custom skin for the F22. Are there any templates I can use? I am browsing through the game directories, but it is all one big mess.
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