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  1. Hi, Just a final update. Was unable to get EF2000 working with sound. Installed TAW mod for newer Windows OSes (I still have the original boxed TAW, with everything BTW) and with a bit of configuration, works perfectly. EF2000 and TAW are much the same, but instead of the EF2000 skin you get the F22 raptor skin with almost identical keys and mechanics. But it's that unique soundtrack that really made it unforgettable in my opinion. Almost captured the original thrill of my that first EF2000 sim, at takeoff first time today. Thanks again, garystewart
  2. Hi Mike and Home Fries, Let me clarify. I only installed this on my 32 bit Win 8.1 OS as it's my only 32 bit machine that would allow for the install. I no longer run XP on any machines. It would not run it natively, since there's no DOS Shell in Win 8. I did not try running it with Reloaded in Win 8.1, as I read somewhere on your site that there were rendering problems running it in Win 8 (I presume 8.1 as well). I copied the EF2000 folder to a DID Folder on my C drive on my Vista Ultimate and Windows 7 64 bit machines. The actual disk I used for installation is the DOS Version 1.0. purchased in 1997. It is unpatched, so it does not have the updated graphic files. I don't know if that matters, perhaps it does? I vaguely remember patching it years ago when I would reinstall it or put it on a different machine. There is no patch on the disk. The size of the EF2000 folder on my drive is 56.3MB with 58 files and 4 folders. My DID.dat file is 51,879Kb. Hope that helps. Would really love to get this working! Thanks again, garystewart
  3. Home Fries, I decided to test my DOS Version of EF2000 with Reloaded on a different machine; Vista Ultimate 64bit, Phenom II Quad Core 3.4, AMD 4850 256bit 2MB Video, 8GB Ram, X-Fi Platinum. Exact same problem. The Audio Config Utility does not work. Perhaps it only works with a Windows Version of EF2000 and not the DOS Version? I spent some time changing various settings in the DOSBox config file, but the essential result is the same. I can run the program as long as all sound parameters in EF2000 are set to OFF. No speech, effects or music, pretty important with a low res visual program. A bit disappointed but it was worth a try. I noticed you are using the .73 version of DOSBox and I also presume the 32 bit version. I am wondering if the .74 64 bit version might work? garystewart
  4. Hi Mike, This is the original DOS version, not Windows. There is no tactcom.$$$. There is an ef2000.$$$ which gave instructions to select the 1.4 driver by Col. However, as I indicated, the sound utility screen freezes on me, usually completely blank or non-functioning when the driver selections appear, which usually never happens. I simply cannot configure the sound utility. I removed everything, put a new installation of EF2000 from my 32Bit Win 8 machine onto this Win 7 64 bit, but the results are the same. No go with the sound utility. Until I can get that to function, I am guessing the sound, speech and fx effects are no go. garystewart
  5. Thanks Mike. Yes. Problem is, when I try to configure the sound drivers, the sound utility screen that opens is totally blank and freezes. I use the Windows key to put it in the taskbar but I don't know how to get the driver selections to show in that driver utility window. Once, but I have no clue as to why, I did get the driver selection choices on screen in the utility, but I could not select anything with mouse or keyboard. The utility screen just froze. Basically I need to configure the driver to 1.50 by Col, but I cannot get the Sound Driver Utility working properly. It is simply blank and freezes. Any ideas? Thanks, garystewart
  6. Hi, EF2000 DOS Reloaded will run fullscreen on my 24 in monitor without the music, but cannot load and shuts down immediately with music option checked. I would love to get the music, speech and fx running if possible. This machine has an Athlon X2 2.8 processor dual core, Nvidia GTX 630 1MB, X-FI Extreme Music PCI card, 4Gb Ram and is running Windows 7 64 bit. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks! garystewart
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