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  1. I have only some uncertainties regarding the campaign and the environment. Maybe some old simmer can help to find out the truth.Here are what the manual of the game states. https://i.imgur.com/plHNHuH.png https://i.imgur.com/MO5o8eU.png Only problem I have never been able to find any combat units on the map. No tanks, no trucks, no arty, only SAMs, ships and airplanes. In a mission in simulator part (Tanks mission) I can see A-10 and combat units and they are attacked but this is the only case. Did I miss something in the campaign? I have never seen generated for AI units BAI mission while in the simulator --> tanks mission there is such thing. I also never saw any helos in campaign only in simulator part. https://i.imgur.com/0nzg0zT.png I'm speaking about this mission above. https://youtu.be/vvMb1bVBYMU Is there any chance that a developer of the Reloaded can answer to me on more specific questions?
  2. Roger. I do not wish to play long neither EF or F-22 I player about 10-12 hours both to illustrate the available environment '90s, how evolved from campaigns only with single missions to dynamic engine of Falcon 4.0. Many other sims had dynamic or half dynamic campaigns. The Secret Weapons of Lufwaffe, Falcon 3.0, 1942: The Pacific Air War, EF2000, F-22 and Enemy Engaged.
  3. Thx the answers. About dynamic campaign, so even in the 1997 relese was available similar dynamic campaign what EF2000 had? The whole F-22 seem to me and "upgraded and tweaked" EF2000. F-22 has some new features, you can fly more frequently missions than one in every 8 hour, etc.
  4. I'm writing on a huge article about evolution (in Hungarian) of (mostly) jet flight sims and I need a little help to evaluate the game. Of course I have tried F-22 TAW and many other sims I'm just not sure what are the exact features of F-22 TAW and I do not have time to try all campaigns. Is there ground war in campaigns? Since when is available similar dynamic campaign to EF2000's in F-22? What features were added later comparing to original F-22? Besides being able to change waypoint of some patrolling aircraft what else you can do in AWACS mode? How can it be that you cannot select strike missions as long as you have not earned enough high rank but you can jump into strike package in AWACS mode? Except EMCON level modeling ECM is not modeled? How can be used AGM-65 against static targets? Is it possible to create manually missions or packages in campaigns? How can be done the aerial refueling? In training I have tried many times with autopilot but after the moment of connection the probe immediately disconnets and even I make the radio request process again the autopilot with the same tanker after activation automatically is disengaged. Is there any thrust-drag modeling for missiles or is this feture is scricpted as was in other sims during thr '90s (except Falcon 4.0)? Thx.
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