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  1. End of 4th Battleset – “The Fifty Yard Line” This scenario, “Express West Pt 1”, is the twenty seventh scenario and the last of the fourth battleset – “The Fifty Yard Line”. The next battleset of the Indochine Campaign is “The Flickering Flame”. With luck and some hard work, I will come out with the first scenario(s) sometime later this year with a projected series of 6 scenarios. I hope you check in and play. Thanks, Alan Caso *************************************************************************************** The 27th NEW Indochine Campaign Scena
  2. The 26th NEW Indochine Campaign Scenario 26 Hunters of the Deep West Europe/West Med/Western Hemisphere; South & Central Atlantic/West Africa; Cape Verde; Indochine "Wolfpacks" lie in wait off the west coast of Africa, south of Cape Verde. They have been preying on Allied shipping running convoys south from West Europe and North America. These vital shipments are headed to navigate around the Cape of Good Hope (The Cape to well-travelled sailors) to supply Allied forces retrenched on Reunion, Mauritius and the Comorros Islands.
  3. The 24th NEW Indochine Campaign Scenario Indian Ocean: West Indian Ocean/E Africa Port Louis, Mauritius; Temporary HQ of Allied Combined Forces - Indian Ocean Command The Allied forces that have found refuge in the Comoros, Mauritius and Reunion Islands are now under constant bombardment by long-range strikes from the Seychelles and Diego Garcia. Newly won from the Allies, these 2 bases are the Indochine hammer to drive out any foreign presence in the Indian Ocean. The mess in the Arabian Sea and Persian Gulf has tied up most US capital assets th
  4. The 23nd NEW Indochine Campaign Scenario Incan Blood Western Hemisphere; South America, Northern Coast of Chile: As tensions begin to increase between rival factions in South America, even the smallest actions can bring on the strongest reactions. Nowhere on this continent is it more applicable than between Chile and Peru - two countries with a long and complicated history. The two countries were at one time very strong allies. Chile aided Peru in the Peruvian War of Independence. Later, Chile helped reunite North and South Peru in the War of Confederation.
  5. The 22nd NEW Indochine Campaign Scenario Cat and Mouse Southwest Asia: The Mideast: Arabian Sea and the Persian Gulf: Iran and India begin a series of attacks on the Pakistani coastline in an attempt to keep US forces busy in the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea - and away from Indochine activity at Diego Garcia and the Seychelles. It is a calculated gamble to harass neutral Pakistan without pushing them into entering the war on the Allied side. For the Pakistanis, it is not desirable to start hostilities with it's neighbor, India. The nuclear option is si
  6. The 21st NEW Indochine Campaign Scenario Operation Pegleg Southwest and Central Pacific: Papua/New Guinea/East Australia: The Coral Sea: As the Allies find success in liberating New Caledonia and Vanuatu, they now feel their eastern flank is secure enough to enable a commencement of offensive operations against enemy forces in New Guinea. Additionally, Townsville and Mackay have managed to remain intact as operable air bases after months of withering bombing raids by Indochine air forces out of Rabaul, Honiara and Port Moresby. It is therefore determined by A
  7. The 20th NEW Indochine Campaign Scenario Operation McHale S. Central and Central Pacific/Solomons: Coral Sea: The US, French and Australian navies conduct a joint invasion to take back New Caledonia and Vanuatu. These Indochine bases provide a southern buffer for the enemy's large force concentration north, in the Solomons. Due to this proximity, any Allied offensive operation aimed at driving north into New Guinea, the Coral Sea and the Solomons could prove to be a dangerous gambit while a well-supplied and determined enemy based in New Caledonia and Vanuatu threaten the
  8. The 19th NEW Indochine Campaign Scenario Coco Crispies Bay of Bengal / Myanmar / W Indonesia; Coco (Keeling) Islands: Indian and Indonesian naval forces have landed a sizable force on the Cocos (Keeling) Islands. All communication is severed with the Australian mainland, and work has begun on expanding the air facilities. These strategically positioned outposts will prove invaluable to the Indochine Alliance. They can disrupt shipping throughout all of the East Indian Ocean. Two multi-national submarine squadrons are tasked with getting SpecOps on the islands fo
  9. 04.0 The Fifty Yard Line This is to announce the 4th Battleset of the Indochine Campaign, consisting of ten scenarios that occur during July-Aug of 2007. As a stalemate begins to form across the world stage in the Indochine conflict, the balance of control is easily tipped one way or another. Its first down and ten to go at the fifty yard line. The question is, who has possession of the ball? Author: Alan Caso ************************************************************************************************************************************************* The 18th NEW Indochi
  10. Hello Fellow Harpooners, Here is the announcement placed at other forums to announce the latest scenario and end of a third battleset for my "Indochine War" campaign. Please go to the hyperlink at the end of the scenario to upload the entire previous series of scenarios and battlesets in the Players Db. ................................................................................................................................................................................................................................. End of 3rd Battleset – “Too Few Victories” This sc
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