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  1. Well, I have it all installed and patched to the latest version of mods. Looks visually pretty good, but now I need to find a good Warthog config...I may be a computer guy, but patience for mapping all these darned buttons is not why I play flight sims! :) Off to read that guide asap! Thanks.

  2. Thanks for all that great information. I do already have A10 for DCS and haven't spent enough time with it to be deadly yet. I just love the WWII aircraft more than any of them. I also though really enjoy the multi-player experience but there doesn't seem to be much multi-player games with real flight dynamics. People flying bombers as if they we F15's going vertical, etc...gets a bit old after a while. I'm going to take your advice on IL2 and grab that copy while I still can. Thanks very much!

  3. Hi gang.

    Just posting to gauge interest for a softer replacement main spring for the Thrustmaster Warthog controller.

    I've found a spring manufacturer that is reasonable that is willing to provide a small run of springs to replace the overly strong, elbow wrecking, near impossible to dogfight smoothly with...main spring. I've seen too many hack jobs that tie the main spring down, and then are never level nor consistent in feedback or centering. Of course if someone wanted to go the route of adding a longer stick, that seems to be the only other real option.

    As for the softer main spring to replace the existing nasty one, I will be ordering for myself but depending on how many may be solidly interested, may be able to help provide a group buy. Numbers look like this currently:

    "Custom compression spring, 3.700 OD, .120 music wire, 3.150 free length, 5 total coils, right hand wound, ends closed and ground, plain finish

    6 – 37.00 each
    12 – 22.00 each
    25 – 11.80 each
    50 – 6.80 each
    100 – 3.95 each"

    Turnaround time would be about 3 weeks total once the order is finalized by best estimate. Other manufacturers quoted literally nonsensical prices for this spring and it should directly replace the stock one.

    I realize this may be my first post, but you call the ball. I love my Warthog and just want it working like it should have been done from the factory.

    Thanks and shoot me some feedback. Dave

    P.S. this will be likely be cross-posted to gauge interest on other forums

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