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  1. Ah, er......... I thought Elton John was the Queen.........I mean dress him up and put a wig on him and I'd be hard pressed to tell the diff.
  2. mane_raptor


    Morning; Bird season started yesterday, no luck, but a lot of "heater hunters" out on the hill (damn that new road). Haven't these guys seen "North Woods Law"? Oh yeah.............57.7F, clear with no wind
  3. mane_raptor


    Morning, 51.4F, clear skies and it's going to be a great day.
  4. mane_raptor


    Morning all; Cloudy, windy, and fixing to storm, the weather that is. Interesting day yesterday…….. About 8:30 or so I’m getting ready for the weekly trash run (loading up the truck, separating the tin cans from the newspapers, etc) when the phone rings and it’s my friend Roland asking if I still have that coil of ¾” nylon rope (100 feet) and can he borrow it. Now I know Roland was one of the lucky bastards that got a moose permit this year and moose season did start Monday so I figure his need for the rope had something to do with it. Sure enough it did. He and his son (his legal
  5. mane_raptor


    Morning; 38.9F Clear on this part of the hill, but the is huge fog bank down over the surface of Stump Pond. Hope ya ace your tests, Donnie. mane, who is waiting, with joyfill anticipation, for the leaves to fall this year.
  6. mane_raptor


    Hey Cobraj, Glad to see your still around. Yea, tossing table scraps outside ain't a good idea.........just save them up and give to Achmed (wait a while though.....make sure they're good and green and fuzzy first) he looks like he could use something to stick to his ribs. And it was Coyote scat.......one of the folks on this hill killed two friday afternoon, a large male and a smaller pup. This is the time of year when those beasts come out into the open looking for food to fatten themselves up for the winter.
  7. Morning, 55.6F, fog, low clouds and wind out of the NW. Got a BDay party to go to this PM, but slowly working my way through "Midst Toil and Tribulation" (Weber's latest). Boy are those Temple Loyalists in for a BIG surprise.
  8. mane_raptor


    Q. What's black and white and red all over? A. Dark Helmet's face when his pants fall down and all the girls see just how miniscule his "helmet" really is.
  9. mane_raptor


    Update the cat is home and in fine condition. When I picked him up at the vets, he hissed a bit at first, but by the time I got him in the truck and we started home, he realized who I was and where we were headed so he slept the rest of the way. When I took him out of cage, he was a a bit tipsy, but spent the rest of the day either sleeping or licking what was no longer there. Today he's back to his old self, running from window to window, jumping up on the counter while I'm trying to make breakfast, etc. Oh yea, he's still licking the lissing parts.
  10. mane_raptor


    Morning, 48,7F, fog, damp and gloomy..............kinda like Herr Fick mane, who is currently tracking a FedEX package which contains the latest book in David Weber's Safehold series and a set of truck bed stake hole covers with popup rings.
  11. Talk about viewing one’s own tonsils from the back side………..boy, have you got that wrong. It’s the 47% that are getting the freebies, not the 53%, at least as Uncle Mittens explains it. Of course, that 47% includes seniors on SS (which they paid into), corporations (you know “small business” like General Electric, ExxonMobil, and ATT), US troops serving in a combat zone (just look at all the freebies they get*), and several hundred US millionaires (sound like someone you might heard of ?), but what the hey, it makes a good sound bite. *sarcastic remark
  12. Whizzy, Still got XP on two PC's..............but don't worry, Gates will soon have Win 8 out, with even more promises of better graphics. So consider what you've just done as simply “practice”.
  13. Gerbilish, nothing but. No wonder you lost the war.
  14. mane_raptor


    Morning........ 40 something. Just took our youngest cat to the vet to get him fixed. They're freezing them off
  15. Where to begin....... One of the things I noticed upon re-entry into CSim was the fact that nothing new had been added, it was like I was back in the days of old gaming-wise. Oh I agree that PC based gaming, espl'y multiplayer, is still superior to a console, but in terms of what it displays to the player, the eye-candy (and I include sound with that), it come a long way baby. Second, the XBox sucks, pure and simple. It's another example Billy Boy's pathetic attempt to cash in on a market (consoles) that he had nothing to do with creating (think back to his rip-off of the CPM operatin
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