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  1. Concerning the wobble: I just read on SimHQ that there seems to be a coincidence- folks with P4s tend to have the wobble; folks with AMDs don't seem to have it
  2. I don't want no teenage queen I just want my M-14
  3. Isn't that, in political terms, a trait of that entire region? The governments side with whoever they like, based on their latest agendas. My opinion is that they feel they are politically very clever playing one foreign power off against another. Since the fall of the USSR, that's a dangerous game they will eventually lose, as it is also an incredibly short-sighted standpoint. When the music stops, they will be looking for a chair I know that I am not expert on these matters, but on one hand it seems very typical, an almost hard-wired human response to be better than the big Kids (The USA won't push my country around! We'll show them! We will shout and ignore the future as long as we get our way!), and on the other, they seem to have an attitude of "well the USA owes us!" which baffles me
  4. Donster, you located the Asian female Moe Howard impersonator I've read so much about!
  5. I'd gnaw my way out through the mattress and bedframe! if my lungs held out, that is
  6. Sure it's possible. What's she "run" the 100 yard dash in? 20, 30 minutes flat? You could run away from her while tying your shoelaces!
  7. Yesterday, I removed from my finger a carbon-fiber splinter that went in, broke under the skin, and did not pierce the other side of my finger. The only clue as to the splinter's location in my flesh was the bulge in my finger (looked like a lump about .25" tall) where the splinter was poking the skin from the inside, *out*. In other words- the entire splinter was buried deep in my flesh, and was not visible I had to personally do some surgery with a scalpel, opening up the finger deep enough to find the splinter and then removing it s-lo-w-l-y with tweezers so it wouldn't break. It was .8729" long ( I measured it)- close to an inch, and about 0.040" wide. I tried to this all while still in shock (pain hurts and stuff) I damn near passed out slicing my finger open to find the splinter, my friend said I was white as (forgive it but here it comes) rice paper. I was cold and clammy, and felt like vomitting but nothing came up I felt EXACTLY the same way while reading this thread. For-real. Some things, Man was not meant to do. These 'women' are examples of what Man was not meant to do. The fish I had yesterday was cooked, but it still feels like it may come back to say 'hi'
  8. 462CID

    The Duke

    that's considered one of the best films ever made, although personally I think Wayne's acting was at it's best in the Quiet Man, which is my favorite John Wayne film
  9. 462CID

    The Duke

    They colorised The Quiet Man But I did laugh my head off every time George Takei (Mr. Sulu, AKA The Great Fruit) had a line in the Green Berets
  10. 462CID

    combat sims

    Hiya Over at the Il2 forums, there is a Mission Builder's Forum, that has several tutorials on how to get the most out the of FMB Using the FMB can be very counter-intuitive, or at least it originally was for me In regards to your questions, it is the drive you installed the sim onto. Whenever you want to play a mission from the FMB, it must be saved, because the sim has to load all elements before you play any mission It sounds harder than it really is; you click 'save' and choose a directory from the tree provided. Quick missions are saved seperately from the FMB, don't worry about mixing up QMB and FMB missions when using the FMB There are several downloads that are utilities for the sim, as well as the tutorials I have mentioned here is a link to the "General discussion" forum for Il2 and Il2:Forgotten battles: http://forums.ubi.com/eve/ubb.x?a=frm&s=400102&f=23110283 This link is to perhaps the greatest single list of links that are useful for the Il2 player: http://forums.ubi.com/eve/ubb.x?a=tpc&s=40...0283&m=51910959 Here is a link to the Mission Builder's Forum (which can also be linked to via the General Discussion forum page, along with the other Il2 forums) http://forums.ubi.com/eve/ubb.x?a=frm&s=400102&f=50910533 Particularly in the Mission Builder's Forum, there are many very knowledgable and helpful members, primarily bird_brain, Extreme_One (if he's around, that is, he is making rare appearances nowadays unfortunately), Plumps, Flying_Nutcase...and others, too. Over there, I'm "Chuck_Older", and I'll be glad to help if I can
  11. Still the 24th here. I'm sitting here, looking at the Tony Bennet collection I've bought for my Mom, and wondering if I still have time to go get her something else, because I want to open it and listen to Tony Bennet
  12. Pfft. Those two are girlie
  13. OOoh, that's a good one! I'll have to figure out how to trim the Hawk inverted
  14. Last peeks before Christmas: Kunming- This features the only elements I can find that reflect the actual location. From just past the twin revetments that face each other out, including the base buildings in the upper center (not the Pagoda though) are as accurate as I can make them to the way Kunming looked during the war, based on the only photo I can find. the barracks there you see make up Hostel 7 This base you already know as well but it had a facelift too: And you're going to love and hate it. All I'll say is that it could be too tough, or too easy, depending on what you do, but be careful what you shoot at This last pic is the twin hangars you see at the end of the tarmac at my new Kunming: Not recommended behavior but you can do it. Just pull up really hard before you hit the unseen revetment about 50yards in front of the prop. I ought to have charged 50 bucks for mowing the grass and sweeping the floor:thumbsup:
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