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  1. Concerning the wobble: I just read on SimHQ that there seems to be a coincidence- folks with P4s tend to have the wobble; folks with AMDs don't seem to have it
  2. I don't want no teenage queen I just want my M-14
  3. Isn't that, in political terms, a trait of that entire region? The governments side with whoever they like, based on their latest agendas. My opinion is that they feel they are politically very clever playing one foreign power off against another. Since the fall of the USSR, that's a dangerous game they will eventually lose, as it is also an incredibly short-sighted standpoint. When the music stops, they will be looking for a chair I know that I am not expert on these matters, but on one hand it seems very typical, an almost hard-wired human response to be better than the big Kids (The USA
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