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  1. WTF?? Gotta be how aliens make a living while theyre reconning us.
  2. Enforcer57


    No way will I ever stay away this long again! I just KNEW I was missing something like this, I just knew it. This is the best thing Ive heard since Jack Benny was alive.
  3. Cool. Gonna miss the F-14s though.
  4. yeah, those little blue pills are a manditory requirement to some of us....cough...old guys who were born the yr the M-14 was adopted.
  5. I recomend the ubi soft il2 series. lots of adons, but they just released the entire series in a dvd. 4 yrs of additions and adons, really a great sim. I fly both on and offline. its actually several sims combined into just about all theaters of ww2. lots of user made cmpns etc. i suggest checking out the ubi pacific fighters forums and watch all the bickering about it. I think its the best thing going as far as ww2.
  6. for sure.....id never have gotten in that thing. Now the Virginia is a different story. it stayed on top of the water...barely. That torpedo ramming thingy was an odd idea.
  7. yeah, i just saw this in the paper. I remember the really corny wife role she played in SAC with jimmy stewart, and with him in the glenn miller story. She also played Mac McConnell's wife "butch" in the McConnell story with Alan Ladd. I know a ret USAF col who was a lt flying F-86Fs in the late 50s at the base she and her daughter still lived at, and she was nothing like June Allyson. In fact, she was a little more like....um,......Axavier Hollander comes to mind, according to col Bob. Well I digress. June was a neat chick.
  8. She appears to either have poision ivy, or needs to take a whiz.
  9. Now Greg, quit beating around the bush and say what you REALLY think. I love the il2 series (although the constantly changing quality of the AI depending on what patch you have is getting on my nerves), and will surely get BOB, but you got some good points there. Alot of time was spent on il2 on some stuff that was kinda neat if you saw it on some rare occaisn, while i think some other basic stuff needed improving. I really dont see the point making the cockpits any better than the excellent standard they are now. Id rather have a few more ships than some of the little stuff. And I really do hope somebody takes a look at how carrier planes were staggered on deck, and didnt have to make course corrections on thier take off roll. Thats a bit lame.
  10. here's another link to my squadron page for the hellhounds and the danger dogs. I posted some more stuff from occupied japan, including some shots of P51s he made prints from as he processed them in the photo lab, and some shots he made from a train passing thru Nagasaki. Also a bunch of Cobra shots from Iran. Some detailed views of the weapons and forward gunsight. http://forums.dangerdogz.com/viewtopic.php?t=506
  11. Yeah, all my friends are "happily married" to....heh heh. That was Definitely my Dad you heard calling it......i heard the tape and he was the first one, in fact the closest by far, as he looked up just in time to see the impact. One other transmisn he made was when too many ohter AC started showing up...."we're gonna have another one if we don't get these spectators outta here". The ATC then told everyone else to clear out if i remember correctly. Thats absolutely amazing that you heard all that . He flew out of Hanchey later, mostly in TH-55s. Yeah, i remember the pine trees. havent been there since the mid 70s. My dad took me to the museum alot, which was pretty good back then-God knows how its equipped now. I remember one trip to the excellent base book store we had to stop for a bunch of M-108 SP 105s crossing the rd. my mother was in an archery club at the wildlife area of the base (or whatever it was called) and I helped build one of the ranges in that jungle of woods. I also caught my first fish at that lake....was it called Taiho or something like that? I loved the Zoo as a kid. The army had some stuff on that base that was alot of fun. and of course there was Enterprise and the boll weavel monument. Man the memories. I gotta get back there when circumstances permit. Most of my dads friends are dead now, though there is still one that shows up here sometimes. He used to fly in the army nat guard and would show up in an OH-6 or somehting like a heliocourier, or even a skycrane into the 80s. I miss the sky full of beating rotor blades.
  12. Thanks guys-I know he would be very flattered. Hey Old Guy, That's cool. You very well may have talked to him at that time. THat photo of the TH-13 was taken at Shell field in 66, with his very first Iranian student, lt Rooipour. 9 yrs later when he arrived at Tehran airport, MAJ Rooipour was there to meet him. He taught instruments in the Bell, and he saw a midair occur very close to his posit one day, and he had a tape of the radio transmisns as he was calling out Midair! midair!......pretty dramatic sounding. The ATC guys were all over that tape (god i hope i can find all this stuff). . 2 guys in one TH13 were killed, but the other AC was landed by the student, since the instructor had his legs severed by the other's rotor. Im not sure if that was in 66 or not, but close to then. I think it was around that time that the Army had a pair of P-51s they were using as chase planes in the AH-66 Cheyenne program....maybe a year or two later. His name was James Gould, everyone called him Jim. His friends from the base, both civie and army, were an interesting group of pretty outrageous people. Was kinda neat having stuff land in the bean field behind our house sometimes. I still remember Billy Polley (a P-51 pilot in the 8th AF) landing a huge Sikorsky CH-34 in the bean field to hand dad his lost RC model that had disapeared the weekend before. He had overflown the area they had been flying, found and retrieved it, then delivered it back to him. Life was like that around there. I just wish i had been into cameras when i was a kid.
  13. Those are homegrown Canadair CL-41 Tutors.....I got some great shots of them back in the early 90s when they flew at Warner Robbins AFB in Ga. They can do alot of neat stuff in those things that are kinda impractical in larger, faster planes (like 9 plane diamond-the Red Arrows do the same thing in their Hawks). A good argument for keeping a cam around with a good zoom lens. I keep one ready to go all the time.
  14. I made this post on the UBI GD forum, and I thought some of you might find it interesting as well. Lots of photos of an interesting aviation career and some pretty grim determination. I hope this link works...it has so far. http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/2...83/m/9701099064 If you saw the movie "Apollo 13", there was a scene in which Jim Lovell's mother (well played by Ron Howard's mom) says in response to the events of the time - "they could put wings on a washing machine, and my Jimmy could fly it." Well, he was one of those kinda guys. Since most of you guys tend to like aircraft and there are relatively few pacifists among you (unlike some stuff Ive seen on other sim forums-go figure), I thought you might find my dad's aviation career interesting. He flew everything from J-3s to T-37s, from Ultra-lights to Cobra gunships. No need for violins etc, just thought u might find an aviator's life to be interesting.
  15. I got a couple of spare wallets around here somewhere......I know I do. Please tell us where this is so we can avoid such an outrage. And yer not gonna believe this, but i know a moron who gave a chick a ride around Atlanta somewhere, and she supposedly kinda, uh, "serviced" him a bit. After he let her out and made it back home, he discovered that the Charter Arms .44 spl Bulldog he kept under the seat was missing. Now that was expensive. He was thinking the whole time that this kinda thing only happens in Penthouse "forum" and not in the real world....what's the catch? Some catch.
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