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  1. Southwestern Bell's help desk is in India. I wouldn't mind if you could understand these Bozo's. I know they have a set procedure to go through when they are trying to solve and issue but not everyone is a novice. My Mom was having bad problems with her internet connection. I called the help desk to get someone to come out and check her line. I refuse to use their software. It is as bad as AOL and will take over your pc so I hooked her up through a router. They wanted me to install their software and go outside the router. I politely refused and told them I wanted a technician sent to the h
  2. Thats great! I didn't realize you and Fork were close together Doug. Angela mailed it yesterday so hopefully it won't take too long to get there.
  3. I bought the track ir when they first came out Fork. The original version wasn't too good in my opinion. I sold it not long after I bought it. When we started flying the Pacific I bought a version 2. The version 3 had just come out and I got a bargain on this one on E-bay. Version 3 and 4 may be better but I can assure you that version 2 will work great if you can find one at a good price. If I remember correctly, according to their web site, version 2 runs at a higer FPS that version 3. I haven't had any problems with mine not panning smoothly. It just takes some time to get it adjusted pr
  4. You'll be happy with the 6600 Mane. I put one in the rig I built last year coupled with a 3.2 gig pentium processor and a gig of ram. It ran IL2 flawlessly. I used it to host our flying sessions and then gave it to my sister in law last month. She needed a new pc and it was just gathering dust sitting beside my desk.
  5. Lee Stay away from IBUYPOWER! I bought Angela a PC from them a few years ago and got lucky I didn't have any problems. Their prices are great but I have read horror stories at Resaler Ratings of the way they have treated customers. Here is a link to their reviews. Not all their reviews are bad but the ones that are would scare me enpough to never buy from them. Customer service is nonexistent with them. IBUYPOWER
  6. Great looking car. Reminds me of the old Cudas. Had a buddy that had a 70' Cuda with a hemi. That car was a monster. I am waiting for the new Camaro if they decide to produce it.
  7. Great pic Lee. Enjoy em while you can. I never took the time I should have.
  8. I've been tempted to buy BIA but right now I just don't have enough time. I got to have this house finished in about 4 months. The Harleys great! Bought a new Softail back in August. Sad part is I only have 1200 miles on it so far.
  9. Yeah! Yeah.............. Thats the ticket. That must be why I suck so bad online! I figured there must be quite alot of cheating going on. Either that or I got some way bad lag issues. I know some guys are just inherently good but when you see the scores after the game and several guys have 50 kills and 10 deaths and everybody else is about 50/50 or less, something ain't right.
  10. No more time than I have to play sims these days it only took me almost 2 months to finish this game. Is anyone else playing? I enjoyed it more than the original and have knocked around some on the MP. These damn kids are too fast for me.
  11. Angelas did close to the same thing a few weeks ago. Hers was a WD 80 gigger. It would boot but wouldn't let me access any programs on it. Couldn't even open up "My Computer." I finally got it to open up System Restore and it started working again. I copied everything she wanted off of it and decided to do a format but it wouldn't do that either. Finally bought her a new hd and put hers in mine for extra storage. It allowed me to do a reformat when I hooked it up in mine. Now I have an extra 80 gigs for pictures and stuff.
  12. Happy New Year Guys. Heres to a new year with no new remodeling jobs.
  13. My old optical mouse was acting up on me so I did some reading up and bought this newfangled Razer Copperhead mouse. Its supposed to be the bomb for gaming but maybe I just suck too bad for anything to help me. You can adjust the dpi sensitivity on the run. I always thought maybe I got killed so much because my mouse was so slow. This dang thing is so fast I can't keep it steady! I also liked having programmable buttons on the side to free me up from having to look at the keyboard. but these damn things are so small and really not in a good spot to be usable. Anybody have one of these an
  14. New Egg is great to do business with. Bought stuff for the last two pc's I built from them.
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