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  1. Ogdens

    Morning chaps!!

    Thanks Stand, they truly are...plus they get to go home!!
  2. Ogdens

    Morning chaps!!

    They go way too fast mate!
  3. Ogdens

    Morning chaps!!

    Hi Cobra, nice to see you again!! ?
  4. Ogdens

    Morning chaps!!

    Hi Donnie and Stans...its nice to be back! The family is well thanks, two out of my three boys are married and have little kiddies..making me a double grandad!! ?? life is generally pretty good, hope the same for you too! I look forward to being around a bit more often! Cheers, Ogs!
  5. It's been a while, I don't get online too much these days. Hope you are all well?! ? Cheers, Oggie!
  6. Hey, maybe they'll remove it from the wall and transplant it onto someone?! :smirk:
  7. Geg email me at mickheath at charter.net
  8. All I got is... 3) Lynch The Landlord-Dead Kennedys 6) Party On The Patio-ZZ Top 10) Another Nail for my Heart-Squeeze
  9. Is that the Elsworth Correctional facility for Women again? <slips away hurriedly>
  10. Ogdens

    Mornin Yall

    Mornin'!! Cold here and I'm getting rather tired of it...where the heck is Spring??
  11. Q. What do you do when you get your Doctorate but can't find a good use for it? A. Seek publicity!!
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