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  1. Thanks Stand, they truly are...plus they get to go home!!
  2. They go way too fast mate!
  3. Hi Cobra, nice to see you again!! ?
  4. Hi Donnie and Stans...its nice to be back! The family is well thanks, two out of my three boys are married and have little kiddies..making me a double grandad!! ?? life is generally pretty good, hope the same for you too! I look forward to being around a bit more often! Cheers, Ogs!
  5. It's been a while, I don't get online too much these days. Hope you are all well?! ? Cheers, Oggie!
  6. Damn fine show there Stag!! I noticed a number of interesting things.. First, your shooting was very good and use of limited bursts to conserve ammo. Second, the AI responded to all of your calls for help..that's bloody amazing!! Third, You rode the WEP and engine overheat quite a bit which surprised me how tough that motor is. Fourth, you handle her well for a heavy girl...kinda reminds me of my standard chat up line back in the old disco days "yer don't sweat much for a fat bird do you!" Fifth...OUCH!!! Good stuff. Ogs.
  7. Rain, rain, rain...I'm orf to the Pacific for the duration to fight the invasion!! That is until my exploits are interrupted by Honeypops and the Honey-do list! I think I'd rather face the japs!
  8. Does that car bend in the middle when you sit in it??
  9. The wavy water on excellent settings is just lovely!! The planes all feel much more "real" to me and being able to change the ROF is also lovely on those previously suicidal shipping attacks. The Corsair seems to have been given a new heart and has taken on a whole different character, try getting it off deck like yer did before! A1 for effort IMO!! Ogs.
  10. Ogdens

    Calling Stag!

    Whato chaps! I'm off from Thursday until Monday so I hope to get on with you guys over the period, just holler out ok. Friday night will be the usual No32/105 bash! Cheers, Ogs.
  11. I might try and look in this evening. I'm up at 4 am Sunday though as it's my first day of my shift this week! Ogs.
  12. Gents, Anyone know where I could find a template for the above? I want to add my own squad markings to it. Cheers, Ogs.
  13. A hearty S! for a good nights flying guys...good to see a bunch like us who can do this for fun, have a laugh and a few beers and shoot down a few planes as well. Here's to the next one! Cheers, Ogs.
  14. Yes, I wondered about that too Don when I read it. Take care out there CFran, our best wishes go wherever you go. Ogs.
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