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  1. Thanks for the reply Martinius & mikew. I am going to try your solution. Anyway, yesterday I have just done some reading on EF2000 strategy guide. Wow, it is a very nice guide, full of useful informations. I have just found out that the corner speed is different for different altitude. And there is lots of information regarding on how to beat su-35. This sim never cease to amaze me, even the flight model maybe simplistic compared to dcs, however, in terms of gameplay, it is a lot more fun. And its dynamic campaign is not boring like dcs.
  2. tirta

    mouse problem

    Hi mikew, after further obsevation, it seems that running ef2000 in non fullscreen mode, actually fixes the mouse problem, my mouse never freezes anymore. thanks for letting me know.
  3. Hi Guys, Can you let me know some tips on how to defeat su-35 in a turning fight guns only? Somehow the bandit always manage to get to my six, even if I am already in corner speed. How do you beat it?
  4. tirta

    mouse problem

    Hi mikew & Home Fries, i have added 1366x768 to 'dosbox_res.cfg'. It really works. Thanks for the tip.
  5. tirta

    mouse problem

    thanks mikew. however, the screen resolution of my laptop is 1366x768. and it is not on the list. so how do you set it up in dosbox if I want to play with fullscreen=no ? please advise.
  6. tirta

    mouse problem

    Hi mikew, I have just tried alt-tab, then click on the game again to get back in. And the mouse works again. Only now the window is not fullscreen, but I can alt-enter, so it works as a workaround and no need to restart windows like before. Thanks for letting me know. I really appreciate it very much.
  7. yes, facetracknoir w/ pointtracker works very well. I have zero error on my system with it. the only reason I want to try freetrack again is because I have trouble with my current janes fa18. somehow I can not look up more than 45 degrees. If I do, the view switch to the back view. I think the culprit might be in the game since I never have these issues with other games, but I want to make sure of it.
  8. tirta

    mouse problem

    Hi mikew, I have tried both usb mouse and mousepad. And the result is the same.
  9. yes, that is the same driver I use. However, now my freetrack won't work anymore. As soon I press "start" button, I get this error: Access violation at address 7C90100B in module 'ntdll.dll' then the ps eye won't work anymore. To get it to work again I have to reinstall the ps3 cl driver. After reinstall, I can test PS3 eye with CL-Eye Test, and it works. Facetracknoir works too. But if I try freetrack again, it won't work again. I don't know what is wrong, it happens suddenly, maybe because some new driver or windows update?
  10. tirta

    mouse problem

    Hi Guys, Yesterday I installed ef2000 reloaded to my laptop: asus x45a, win7/64. However, the mouse always freezes after I finish playing a mission. If I press Ctrl-F10, the cursor changes to the smaller one, but it still freezes. The mouse works in the beginning when I starts the game, but after finishing a mission, it always freezes. Do you know what is wrong here? Please advise.
  11. Hi Eagle_Flight, Can I know which CL Eye driver do you use for PS3 Eye?
  12. Hi Home Fries, thanks for all the explanation. I really appreciate it very much. yes , I am interested on balancing the campaign. I send you a pm. how about the AI aircrafts who seem always miss their target and continuous respawning of enemy aircraft in the campaign? is this fixable?
  13. no problem mikew. at least I get my pedal working. I have tried to to change 0,126 to 20,106 then to 40,86. It seems more reactive that way, but I have not really observed it much, maybe a placebo effect.
  14. thanks for all the replies, guys. @Home Fries you said "default campaign", is the campaign more balanced now in 2.30? is it correct to say that ef2000 campaign have better ground warfare? @fordac117 sorry if this is a noob question, I am not familiar with old ReVive tool, what does it do?
  15. Hi Nephilim, your jf-18 looks great! can you tell me how do you do it? iirc, last time I installed it, I had trouble setting it to regular widescreen (1920x1080).
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