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  1. Okei, now it is really solved and it is so weird. Basically I have to refresh and reapply the graphiccard configuration in my NVIDIA control panel. For example, shutting off and reapplying antialias and clicking apply. Then the sims will start regulary, from either the .exe or the launcher. this explains the apparent randomness. Now I have another little problem. I play at 1920 X 1080 and when I quit a mission my screen reverts to 800 X 600 non tin full screen. Anyway to solve it? not a big deal thoguh
  2. No , it was a fluke. It is completely random when it starts and when it crashes immediately. There must be a logic!
  3. Ok, solved. still weird, but solved.I have a geforce GTX780M In the graphic properties, under desktop settings dimesnion and position , there is a setup that says screen/GPU for screen proportion. By keeping it on GPU it is now working . Another problem. eveven with 2.6.60 beta, with no compatibility , if I launch sim from launcher I get no menu. Must still launch from _f22.exe
  4. I copied and pasted the same folder on my windows 7 PC. starts normally. Must be a problem with my W8 install..but what?
  5. Tried. that first thing. That I use launcher or not, result is the same. no result
  6. No it does not. If you are refering to the run with affinity. This is really crazy because after some attempts it will start, at total random. there must be some service that stops and frres the resources, but what? Must be something interfering But I have no firewall, non antivirus, and a quite light program list running in background.
  7. Greetings. I am running windows 8.1 with 2.6.60 taw launcher. At start I have a weird situation. The scrren flikers shows briefly the pilot name entry than goes back to desktop F-22 can be see reduced as icon. There is no success in restoring it to windows F22.$$$ does not say anything I have no event reported from windows The process f22 continues running in background and I have to terminate it manually. Even more interesting and weird is that if I continue for some time, (without changing anything) after a few random numer of attempts the sim starts normally . And works flawlessly
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