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  1. Claude350


    What key or keys are used to activate the nose steering after you've landed?
  2. Claude350

    Janes F15 Missions

    If you haven't, then don't. Way too many problems in trying to get the old but enjoyable games to run.
  3. Claude350

    Janes F15 Missions

    It's pretty realistic if you ask me. I've gotten my butt waxed a few times. BTW has anyone tried running the game on a vista system. I can't get the files to copy over. I had no problems in doing a reinstall on the XP P3 sytem. Yes I still have an HP pentium 3 system. At the moment that's the only way I can play the sim because vista is acting the azz.
  4. Claude350

    Janes F/A-18

    I've seen gotten it to install them the motherboard died. I've gotten a new system with Vista Premium installed and it's running just fine.
  5. Claude350

    Janes F15 Missions

    I play both sims. I still love that F15.
  6. Claude350

    Janes F15 Missions

    Where might I be able to find all of those custom missions that were posted here at one time?
  7. Claude350

    Janes F/A-18

    I just recently purchased a new computer. It's a Gateway with the dual core AMD 64 processors. For some reason I can't get F/A-18 to install. There are no warning messages or crashes. It just won't install. Any advice will be highly appreciated. BTW I have WIN XP with SP2 as my operating system.