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  1. Is anyone here knows how many bullets i need to hit a mig in the full game of "mig alley" in order to shoot him down from a medium range? or in other words, how many seconds i must hit him?
  2. Can any one tell me how realistic is dogfight and the combat in "janes F-15"?
  3. can please anyone tell me in who's one of this two the AI is stronger and in wich one of them enemy aircrafts are harder to defeat , in "flanker 2.0" [1999] or in "su 27 flanker" [1996]?
  4. so just break down my speed and energy with the right conditions and he will pass on me prety fast, right?
  5. so... in my english, if i got you right: active flaps, down throttle power, and active gear [if needed]. as you said before? so i will lose speed and he will pass throw. sorry for the retoruc ask: is that what you mean and will it work?
  6. down flaps, down throttle, down gear if needed. is that what you mean [my english is bad]? you mean loss speed so fast so he will pass away on me? the other way you say is to pull up to 180 degree and it will work? did i get you right?
  7. so...can you shake off enemy plain off your 6 and bring him in front of you while his back is in your 12 in "il2 sturmovik" [mission builder], mane raptor? my guess: you can't. please inform me if i'm wrong. thanks!
  8. Hi all of you, did you ever tried "mig alley" demo? i wanted to know how many aircrafts did you shot down in it at your top. and also how much time it takes you to shake of an enemy aircraft from your six. let only very good players to answer me, plesae. thanks.
  9. mane raptor, how about "janes f 15"? did you try it? against how many enemy aircraft can fight at the same time in it's mission builder?
  10. mane raptor, did you ever tried the "mig alley" [demo]? how much time is it takes you shake off from your six an enemy aircraft in it? and what is the highest number of enemy aircrafts you have shut down in it?
  11. mane raptor, i mean without any help of wingmans of.c.
  12. mane raptor, can you able to shake enemy aircraft from your six in "il 2 sturmovik" at it's highest rank of difficulty in the mission builder? if you do, can you tell me about the mnvur you are using?
  13. paddles, this are the following games wich i'm managing to shake off enemy aircrafts prety easily [within seconds]: "mig alley" demo, "janes F15", "warbirds", "janes ww2 fighters", "janes I.A.F" [not allways], "su 27 flanker [1996]. ther is one game wich it's extremly hard to shake off enemy aircraft and it calld "il 2 sturmovik" [ in the mission builder]. i am paying attention to speed o.c. i have never played on-line in my life.
  14. Hi all. I just wanted to know how good you guys managing to shake off enemy aircrafts who are on your six in "janes F-15". is it an hard for you to shake them off?
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