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  1. Thank you, Cowboy. What's the name of the little program and where can I get it? Regards Mario
  2. Thanks for the help, gentlemen. However the films are played when I put the cd in the drive, therefore the films are played from the cd and not from the hard disk. As I had copied the films in the hard disk maybe the alteration of the ww2.exe does not direct the string to there . Unfortunately my knowledge of programming is not so good as to change the instructions in the ww2.exe. I have searched in www.gamecopyworld.com and www.megagames.com for a modified ww2.exe which solves the problem, however the modified exes there only allow to play the game (not to see the films in the museum) without cd. Thanks anyway. Regards
  3. Hi, flyboys. I am trying to fly this simulation without cd and I got it by applying the official patch for the english version and then another patch to take the cd verification out. The simulation works perfectly, the only problem is that the videos are not available in the museum, although I have copied the files from the cd2 in my hard disk. Maybe there is another file that I must copy in the hard disk and I am not doing it. I do not give too many details, I just give the procedure so that if somebody has had the same problem and solved it, maybe can give me the details. If you need more details please tell me. Thanks in advance. Mario
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