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  1. I'm in the transfer tunnel to Gladden. See you on the other side!
  2. Wednesday's (9/30/15) Joint Op with 75th vFG was great! Asset Extraction is a fun mission, and the extra players made the target count just silly - there were things I had never seen before. All my bad habits (e.g. overflying the CAS target while in a stand-off role) bit me more than usual, but the universally good comms discipline made it feel great. Use of content sharing for the mission brief was new to me, and a huge help - nice brief Home Fries. Can't wait for the rematch (AI was victorious, but it was worth it to see Nephilim on short final with nothing forward of his Su-25T foot pedals)
  3. Thanks Home Fries for giving us a choice, with plenty of time to decide. My decision process revolved around two factors - population size and population character. I would prefer to avoid "high" populations, to limit the overloads on rare spawns for quests. This would rule out Brandywine and Landroval, servers that had high populations even before the FTP wave. Trade this off against the stronger communities, and it might be a wash. Of the other, newer servers, I am indifferent in general. My preference is for a more mature population with an RP bias, if you can identify one in advance of
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