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  1. Thanks I got it working,I can play with the keyboard. Its fun but for some reason I spin fast to the left and right with the arrow keys.I go up and down at normal speed, how can I slow down the left and right keys?
  2. I recently started playing EF2000 again, it's been many many years. I've seem to have forgotten most of it. It's been a blast to play nonetheless. I downloaded dosbox and the EF2000 software for it. It works but it's the original EF2000. I would like to play the EF2000 2.0 that I never could. I have a 650 megabyte bin and cue file (whatever that means) for 2.0. But I think its for windows 95. I remember EF2000 2.0 coming out for DOS as well. I would like to play EF2000 2.0 as it is the most "recent" one on DOS. How do I do this? What softwares do I need? I know some things about software and internet. Could someone please help get EF2000 2.0 on my windows 8 computer? THanks, have fun playing !
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