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  1. Captured unit stops combat Captured unit stops combat since all units (hostile units included) are now connected by datalinks
  2. Over 271 new aircraft, ships, submarines, facilities, classes, countries, and weapons have been added to the Harpoon3 PlayersDB with the official Database editor authorized by AGSI. Get the PlayersDB-HUE on SubSim or HarPlonkHQ. Get the PlayersDB-ANW on SubSim or HarPlonkHQ. Get the PlayersDB on SubSim or HarPlonkHQ. Additions include: Airbus A330-200 MRTT UAE 11 P AB 25 Turk Class KZ Bell AB.412 UAE LPA Al Munassir OM 06 AH-64D Apache KWT 10 PG Attack PG 75 C-212-300 Aviocar CASA MEX P-111 Bandeirante [EMB-111] ANG FFL Barroso BR 08 BO-105 UR FFL Burak TR 99|A69 CA
  3. The 55th NEW Harpoon scenario of the year! Dine and Dash Venezuela has finished it's progression towards a Communist dictatorship after purging the political hierarchy of any remaining opposition and nationalizing the last few privately owned industries in the country. Numerous company leaders, foreign workers, and political opposition members have been arrested. Meanwhile, the Venezuelan government has increased its support of FARC terrorist attacks and kidnappings in neighbouring Colombia with armed conflict becoming a daily occurrence inside Colombia and along the two co
  4. Herman Hum


    The list was originally compiled and posted 2006, but has been updated constantly. The last one was just May 20, 2011. The current count is 240 Issues
  5. Herman Hum


    Er, those videos are of the 'med-small' scenario variety. To their credit, Harpoon has always focused more on function than form. The simple radar displays are pretty much the same as what AEgis battle centres saw. Here is a game view: and here is the real thing: if only they could get their huge list of bugs fixed, this would be an incredible simulation.
  6. Herman Hum


    CPU usage all depends on the particular scenario. There are some very simple 1:1 encounters and then there are Monster-Sized ones that have been known to crash even fast computers with hundreds of missiles in the air at a time. But you are right. It may take a bit to get accustomed to the controls, but once you get past your first couple of scenarios, all the commands come second-nature. IMO, it is far less complicated (command-wise) than the simplest flight sim.
  7. Herman Hum


    I am assuming you are referring to the ANW/HUE version of the demo since the HCE version pretty much runs full screen already. De-select the "Run In Windowed mode" box.
  8. The 54th NEW Harpoon scenario of the year! 02.3 Night Action Sea of Dragons Battleset - Korean Standoff A period of rising tension, sparked by the U.S. announcement for withdrawal of the 2nd Division, has characterized relations between North and South Korea. Border incursions by North Korean special forces have increased and several acts of terrorism, carried out in strategic cities (e.g. the destruction of Pusan's main railway signaling centre), have been identified as occurring under North Korean instructions. The rhetoric issuing from both governments has become increa
  9. The 53rd NEW Harpoon scenario of the year! Panama Canal Terror The Panama canal is a vital sea route that is vulnerable to attack both on the structures of the canal and shipping in the restricted waters both to the east and west. In this scenario (minimum database HCDA-110225) we investigate such attacks. You are to protect the Panama canal and approaching shipping. Recent events have indicated that mines have been laid in the waters of the Pacific ocean approach and the USA has urgently sent you specialized mine hunting equipment with further almost at hand. Canal equ
  10. A new version of the HCDB database, the Harpoon Commander's Edition (HCE) Database (HCDB-110531), is now available. New additions (or overhauls of existing entries) include: F125 FFG - Germany Exocet MM38 Bty - Intl Exocet MM40 Bty - Intl Penguin Mk2 Bty - Intl http://tinyurl.com/46g57b3
  11. The 52nd NEW Harpoon scenario of the year! Scenario Design Tutorial The purpose of the PlayersDB Scenario Design Tutorial Battleset is to familiarize users with the scenario creation process through the commands found under the Edit pull-down menu of the Scenario Editor. Users of these Scenario Design Tutorials are presumed to have already completed the nine Original Tutorial Lessons included with the Complete PlayersDB Library. Lesson 41 Planning and Design Lesson 42 Map Generation Lesson 43 Creating Sides Lesson 44 Setting Postures Lesson 45 Creating an Air
  12. You can also check out the demos at:
  13. Herman Hum


    A demo for Harpoon Ultimate Edition [HUE] v3.10.1 is now available for download: http://www.computerharpoon.com/downloads/2011/Public/ANW/Harpoon3ANW-SetupRelease-v3101_Timeout_20110310.exe This features a restricted set of scenarios, is not capable of multi-player operation, and will expire June 01, 2012 * Known Harpoon [ANW] Issues A demo also exists for the Harpoon Commanders' Edition: http://tinyurl.com/HCEDemo-2009-050 This demo will expire January 01, 2012 * Known Harpoon Classic Issues
  14. The 33rd NEW Harpoon scenario of the year! Baltic CIS forces (Red) have launched synchronised attacks and captured bases in Sweden and Denmark. It is vital to keep your three airfields and to re-capture your losses Author: DonaldSeaDog http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FilesOfScenShare/files/Harpoon Classic Gold/DonSeaDog's Scenarios/[HDS1 GIUK] Baltic.zip FilesOfScenShare
  15. With the release of the 2009.050 Patch for Harpoon Ultimate Commanders' Edition, these are some of the issues that remain open. Barges in harbour cannot be torpedoed Barges grouped with land facilities cannot be attacked by torpedo even though the vessels are clearly in open water. Attack is possible by SLCM. CTD choosing ClassID in SE SE crashes when setting up ClassID in ViConds Damage display corrupted [2006] After base is damaged by missiles, the Unit display is corrupted. Doubles selected in unit window Two units can be shown as selected at the same time within the Unit displ
  16. The 32nd NEW Harpoon scenario of the year! 14.0 The Bastion 'NATO Intelligence has determined the possible locations of several Soviet SSBN patrol areas. One of the newest and best NATO submarines has been ordered to enter one zone, where a Typhoon-class SSBN is probably hiding. The patrol zone is located under the Marginal Ice Zone (MIZ), in a minefield. The NATO sub is to destroy the sub and its escort, showing the Soviets that NATO is capable of beating its best in its home territory. The Marginal Ice Zone (MIZ) is an area of large ice floes covering roughly 75% of t
  17. Yes, there is a Harpoon3 database made for the WWII era. It is edited by Tom Herron. It has all the WWII platforms, but it suffers from a known bug in the H3 Game engine. Units are visually detected at much longer ranges than supposedly possible. A couple of other fellows were discussing the creation of a WWII database for the Harpoon Classic game engine, too. However, I think that project has stalled.
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