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  1. virusAM

    EF2000 Reloaded

    disregard...I solved it and I was really stupid...I could have thinked before.... It is just needed to start opentrack and click start (start tracking)...this way launching trackir enabler immediately recognise it. Wonderful
  2. virusAM

    EF2000 Reloaded

    I have seen a video on youtube of someone that uses opentrack and delan clip and th is is similar to mine setup (I have ps3 camera with open track and a wireless custom track clip). So it Is doable. In the video he don't show how to do but we can clearly see that it launches trackir enabler before launching ef2000.... I try to do that but I have the "DLL location key not present" error. Maybe he has track-ir software installed...or some dll that he needs in the ef2000 reloaded folder. I will try to ask him as the video is quite new (7 months old). Thanks to everyone for helping me out
  3. no I did not....now I have the sound working. The only thing missing is the open track working....I don't know if it possible as I don't have the track ir
  4. I have no sound as well I have moved the ef reloaded to program files but nothing changes. But for me the changes are saved so this is not the same issue
  5. virusAM

    EF2000 Reloaded

    Hey guys, I have just managed to install (using wine in Linux) and ported the files to my Windows 10 machine. I don't have track ir but Open Track, if I run TrackIR enabler I get the dll location key not present error, and If I run as administrator nothing changes. Is it possible to run it with Open Track? With TAW 2.3 it works. Also I cannot get the audio to work (nor music nor engine sound etc) can someone help me please?
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