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  1. Cartoon

    Mornin Yall

    Mornin' Gunny, and all the rest of you
  2. My domain is worth $320 I better not quit my day job
  3. Super bowl? Is that like poker? Another excuse to have beer with the guys?
  4. I am off to France for a week. See ya! Enjoy your Sunday 3" of snow here the last days.
  5. Donster, just make sure their old computer case and power supply can run that baby.
  6. Yes, I have learned my first important lesson. That I have much to learn. S!
  7. Wow! I had no idea about the history of this site. Impressive and amazing. Congrats with the 10 years!
  8. For DVD playback, almost any video card will do. The Nvidia 7800/7900 should do the job and even let them play the occational game if they want. I second the opinions on memory, get a 2GB kit if it is in budget. The sweet spot for disk price/capacity is 320GB drives. I suggest that as a minimum. Consider two AMD vs Intel. Sure Intel win in benchmarks, and if they re-encode DVD when burning it can cut the time down a bit -- but if they just encode a movie a day, do they care if it takes 2 or 4 or 6 hours? AMD still gives excellent performance per dollar. I would rather have AMD + 2GB + 2x320G disks than Core2Duo + 1GB + 1x250G. Check prices.
  9. I only run Windows on one PC here, and that is the gaming PC. So at some point I have to switcht but I don't see that happening within a year. Next time I upgrade the hardware I suppose. There is just too much incertainty about DRM and fair-use restrictions in Vista for me to switch easily.
  10. Cartoon


    Ah, a slow and silent Sunday. Hope you will all have a great Sunday.
  11. Enjoy your morning, day and afternoon. Friday is here
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