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  1. Cartoon

    Mornin Yall

    Mornin' Gunny, and all the rest of you
  2. My domain is worth $320 I better not quit my day job
  3. Super bowl? Is that like poker? Another excuse to have beer with the guys?
  4. I am off to France for a week. See ya! Enjoy your Sunday 3" of snow here the last days.
  5. Donster, just make sure their old computer case and power supply can run that baby.
  6. Yes, I have learned my first important lesson. That I have much to learn. S!
  7. Wow! I had no idea about the history of this site. Impressive and amazing. Congrats with the 10 years!
  8. For DVD playback, almost any video card will do. The Nvidia 7800/7900 should do the job and even let them play the occational game if they want. I second the opinions on memory, get a 2GB kit if it is in budget. The sweet spot for disk price/capacity is 320GB drives. I suggest that as a minimum. Consider two AMD vs Intel. Sure Intel win in benchmarks, and if they re-encode DVD when burning it can cut the time down a bit -- but if they just encode a movie a day, do they care if it takes 2 or 4 or 6 hours? AMD still gives excellent performance per dollar. I would rather have AMD + 2GB + 2x320G disks than Core2Duo + 1GB + 1x250G. Check prices.
  9. I only run Windows on one PC here, and that is the gaming PC. So at some point I have to switcht but I don't see that happening within a year. Next time I upgrade the hardware I suppose. There is just too much incertainty about DRM and fair-use restrictions in Vista for me to switch easily.
  10. Cartoon


    Ah, a slow and silent Sunday. Hope you will all have a great Sunday.
  11. Enjoy your morning, day and afternoon. Friday is here
  12. Still early and still dark up here in the north. The day will be brighter and I hope your will be too Any activity out of bed before 9AM should be banned...
  13. Hey, I leave for a while and when I return it is mayhem in here! Nicks changing and who knows what else! Senior nursing homes? I join the confused ranks of Schatzen
  14. Nice! Norway is represented too... Close to Stetinden in Troms, with F-16s
  15. We still have the HK91 as standard issue rifle in our infantry. Great rifle. Reliable as the devil and 7.62 NATO got plenty of stopping power. Cars, doors, light walls, branches and twigs and small leaves will not stop it... IIRC I've fired 15k rounds with a HK91 with only barrel cleaning and some oil... it basically cleaned itself
  16. Thinking like that makes me sick, Skip. Then criminals decide to mug someone, break into a car, break into a home... in my book all bets are off. They KNOW what they do is wrong, they should face the consequences. I will not spill a tear if some burglar is shot carrying a TV out of a home. Yea yea, call me cruel. No one HAS to steal, kill or generally be a bastard.
  17. Jacking off is to take off your jacket. Sometimes you can twist or pull a muscle if you do it too fast...
  18. If I look long enough, will she turn around?
  19. Good morning to you all! It's a lovely day!
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