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  1. Do you really expect Comcast to be any different?
  2. can't post photobucket links here or am I just too stupid?
  3. Well from what I can gather all Tempest Squadrons in September 1944 were involved in Market Garden. That makes things easier.
  4. lol well I told you my google skills were weak . :rofl:Thanks guys
  5. I'm building a model for an Operation Market Garden themed build off and need a little reference help. After a one hour Google session I finally gave up the search then I thought of you guys. I would simply like to know which British fighter squadrons flying Tempest's were involved in this operation. As near as I can get is that the Tempest Squadrons were based in and flew out of England and conducted mostly ground attack missions. I can't seem to find any more detailed information than that. My Google skills do suck I admit. Thanks in advance for any help.
  6. Did some one use the words rap and music in the same sentence?
  7. And you should keep that well in mind when you post
  8. Some one here thought of Justin Bieber before Neil Young came to mind? What's up with that? Just for the record ain't nothin even remotely good about Bruce Springsteen sorry. My favorite quote from an unknown DJ "If Bruce Springsteen is the boss then I quit"
  9. Rush was OK as long as you didn't listen to closely to the words
  10. I was late to the ArmA2 thing because of hardware and hard head issues so I jumped on the ArmA3 thing as quick as I could. I find it runs better as an Alpha than most "finished" games. Very smooth with excellent graphics and effects. As close to the perfect fps as anyone has come up to this point IMHO. I just hope they can do something about the hackers.
  11. SimHq is a good site that keeps me up to date on things sim related but I have always felt that it lacked some thing compared to Combatsim when it was the place every one went for sim related stuff. I could never put my finger on just what the reason is but that's how it is for me. Any one else find this to be true or is this just the product of an aging mind?
  12. 1982 Mustang GT. It's currently undergoing it's second major rebuild in 10 years. They are never quick or fast enough.
  13. 300 h.p. but it only weighs a little over 2000 lbs. I could really have fun with 1200
  14. Hangin'sb to good for him! Burn him slowly! Make him suffer!
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