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  1. It works! Neph, I bookmarked - saw you "away" at 7:30 Pacific. Will keep this handy - thanks.
  2. SimHQ server down 7 pm PDT. Public TS Server reached maximum amount of clients - can't join.
  3. Eugene

    EF2000: 2.04 Patch

    We aren't seeing Hawkx for a few weeks, and are a bit concerned.
  4. Eugene

    3dfx EF2000

    The "island" circled? Or the fact that it looks as if your pit has a side window that is opened?!!
  5. Hey, wombat - The Nephmeister has some good advice, if you haven't already explored that path. Getting the "right" one isn't always the same as the first one; but when that happens, the cloud lifts, the light reaches into the pit, etc etc.
  6. Eugene

    3dfx EF2000

    Good to know that is working on your end. I will have to check that custom mapping for the keystrokes. But I had thought it was smooth scroll when I first made the mapping. I may not have remembered how to enable it properly, although I am still using the same dosbox installation, but with your exe.
  7. Neph, you really did go on a shopping spree (again)! Heroic attempts to help fix the economy! Plus...it worked!! Congrats.
  8. Hey! Let's fly some BMS again one of these days soon! It's better than ever.
  9. Your mates are solidly behind you, Wombat - do what's doable and helpful. We'll be here waiting for you.
  10. Eugene

    3dfx EF2000

    mikew, your "intermittent" efforts have resulted in a much improved EF2K experience for me. Thanks for the time you put in. If you ever do have time to "work hard" on EF, I can only imagine what would result!
  11. Eugene

    3dfx EF2000

    Yes, RF is correct. I believe it is the helmet mounted tech that we see as the view is slewed. I notice now that mine slews in steps, not smooth scrolling. I had thought it scrolled before, but it may be that I am fondly reinventing a Golden Age :-) . If the key presses are in steps, then I think that is what the customized key work we've copied is using those and that there isn't any smooth scrolling to be had?
  12. Eugene

    3dfx EF2000

    Mike, worked just fine. Didn't notice any immediate changes in performance, but I didn't have a frame rate counter displayed to compare. Colors still were quite nice. The jaggies were of course more prominent at the full screen magnification. Some jumpiness and hesitations when switching to the MFDs using the numpad controls, but they work ; just not smoothly in transition. Thanks very much for the custom edition!
  13. Uh oh - must be one of those intradimensional warps creating a parallel split in the timestream. We'll have to get to the dilithium core before it's too late!
  14. Neph! Where have you been? Not seen you on TS for a week or two.
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