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  1. Thanks. My error in terminology. I didn't download anything as such- I used the packaged items. Re SweetFX what's the difference between default and default1.5? Maybe I should just try these things and see what happens instead of asking questions.
  2. Safely downloaded nGlide and SweetFX and all seems to be working. Music, too. Thank you. Tried first two Free Flight and Training missions and was told I'd passed before I even took off! Guess that's to avoid experienced folk having to work through all the basics. No problem- just have to re-learn how to use my throttle and joystick buttons and all the commands now, and see how things look on the map screens and outside when I get lower. Is mouse and keyboard adviseable or should I persevere with the joystick? Cheers..
  3. Oh, thank you so much, Home Fries. It makes a huge difference to have access to you guys who know what you are doing. On the original TAW I remember spending hours flying real time to targets then disposing of them and then zipping off and striving silently to getting home safely. Great fun. (Not much fun for the guys who do it for real - I have huge respect for them). Will come back to you if I hit problems but thanks again. I presume you are the same Home Fries I spotted in Simhq.
  4. Thanks Home Fries. Have also downloaded DCS after again stumbling on it through browsing here. Also acquired another joystick! Thrustmaster T Flight Hotax X. So now I've plenty to keep me occupied. Thanks for the tips and the kind welcome.
  5. Hi, guys. An almost octogenarian here from Scotland. Remember spending hours and hours playing TAW and EF2000 back in the nineties. Updating my machine over the years meant I lost TAW. Stumbled onto your website while browsing and last night I decided to download the TAW from the first post in this thread. I seem to have managed to load it all with no hiccups and reached the Finish and ready to launch screen but haven't yet clicked the 'launch'. I'm not a techie or a geek but seem to be able to find my way around. Have had a Speedlink Black Widow joystick for ages so can now s
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