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  1. Doug

    I have been deathly ill for the past 3 weeks and could not attend any fun and games.

    Now either the PW has changed or I have it wrong.

    if you changed the fourm PW please send it along.

    I am just out of deaths door so may be a couple more weeks.


    Yes I got sick in Mexico


  2. TheDude

    Carriers, P-38s & A-36s Now Showing @ Zeno's

    Zeno, Welcome to our humble forums! Thanks for the news update. You have a great site there and I know most of us old (and young, but mostly old) farts here make regular trips to your site.
  3. TheDude

    Petition to restore log in name

    That is funny. I'm hearing Adam West's voice in my head as I read the caption...all serious and stuff
  4. TheDude

    The future shape of 3-D gaming?

    That's the spirit. He who asks firstest the loudest will probably get a demo unit to review. I reviewd the VFX1 back in the day and all I did was send a few emails, maybe a phone call or two, and a few days later a UPS guy showed up at my door with a package. So, yeah, Gunny...stop wondering and email those guys, provided you have the rig to give their product a fair test. If not, then someone else needs to step up to the plate.
  5. TheDude

    Message for Shep

    Shep, If you are having a difficult time logging in, it's because I changed your handle from Shepdog to Shepherd as you requested. Use the new handle, password is the same.
  6. TheDude

    I knew it, I knew it!!!

    Take a breather, good buddy. Feet up, heating pad, Neo Citran. You'll be out like a light in no time. Sleeeeeeeeeeeep, sleeeeeeeeeeep!
  7. TheDude

    Brothers in Arms Review Posted

    Donnie, Great review, btw. You really brought your experience in WWII FPS's to bear and that's a good thing. From what you wrote, it's apparent that you need a hot rig to fully appreciate the game. I don't, so I'm going to wait until I do.
  8. TheDude

    ok you aspiring red-necks...

    Which version of Nastycars are you talking about? BTW, I'm becoming quite the fan of the truck series. There just seems to be more door handle-to-door handle racing like the Cup series used to have before they regulated all the fun out of it.
  9. TheDude

    Brothers in Arms Review Posted

    Now that's just funny
  10. TheDude

    Brothers in Arms Review Posted

    Hi all, Donnie's review of Brothers in Arms is up: Link: Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30
  11. TheDude

    More questions.

    Now you're just messin' with my head
  12. TheDude

    Anybody here having weird connection problems?

    No probs here, either, Donnie. I did have that problem myself yesterday and it was because my DNS settings in my Control Panel > Network Connections were pooched. Somehow, the settings for the DNS of my ISP were gone. I just typed them back in and all was good. Perhaps some sort of weird virusy thing? Who knows, but all is working now. I just went into the area where you can see the line for "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)," clicked on Properties and added the two IP addys my ISP gives for their domain name servers.
  13. TheDude

    Hey Doug

    VROC installed I'll log into TS around then
  14. TheDude

    Anyone have GTR?

    Bluey, If that's the GTR Mod from Simbin for F1 2002, then yes, I have it, thanks to Buster who sent it to me. Back in the day it was a free add-on mod but I think it went commercial, no?
  15. TheDude

    On TS. Let's try multiplayer!

    What would be a good time for you, Buster?