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  1. Doug

    I have been deathly ill for the past 3 weeks and could not attend any fun and games.

    Now either the PW has changed or I have it wrong.

    if you changed the fourm PW please send it along.

    I am just out of deaths door so may be a couple more weeks.


    Yes I got sick in Mexico


  2. Schat, Photoshop lets you do "monochrome" noise so you don't get all the multicolor business. Is that not an option in your graphics program?
  3. TheDude

    Good morning

    Morning! Happy Turkey Travelling Day to my American cousins Well, I'm off to work... 1. Tools. Check! 2. Lunch. Check! 3. Bandaids and Polysporin. Check!
  4. There's so many silly jokes I could make about that pic (most of which I can't put into print) that I think I'll just move along and think about something else
  5. TheDude

    Mornin' All.

    Morning! Nice ears, Geg
  6. Whoa! [Ding Dong] Redhead: Yes? Who is it? Repairman: Repairman. Redhead: Oh, yes. See here, my jamb is in need of repair. Repairman: Hmmm? [Music] Chicka Boing, Chicka Boing Boing... Good job CJ
  7. I got a dollar that says that one day in the future, one of these images is going to show up on some guy's website because he did a Google image search and thinks they are actual photos. Ha! Stellar work!
  8. Frickin' amazing work, Schat! Once again, I have to rub my eyes to make sure some of those aren't actual photos. I love that one of the Marine Corps PBJ-1J pulling up after the skip-bombing attack---looks like the real damn thing
  9. Heya, Schatten! Good to have you back That's an incredible bit o' screenshot magic you did there. I could've sworn that was the real thing
  10. Romsey, you magnificant bastard! Welcome back Had your fill in Turkey?
  11. Ogs, You know, I was going to say something about how much harder it seemed to get the Corsair off the shorty carrier, but then I thought maybe I simply hadn't adjusted my fuel load. Yeah, the Corsair's FM has been tweaked. I barely got airborne taking off from the short carrier. Thought I was going to go into the water....but it sure did feel more authentic!
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