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  1. Air/Land Battle 2000 The Video Game war. “When I am called to be a diplomat for my country, I practice diplomacy. When I am called to be a soldier for my country, I make sure we win by force first then by diplomacy.” General Buster Glossen US Air Force Commander of Campaign planning US Central Command 1991 The one man responsible for unleashing a lot of hell upon the Iraqi military from January 17th to February 28th 1991 was Air Force General Buster Glossen. The veteran F-4 pilot who flew combat missions in the mire tha
  2. My latest skin for the F-35 VF-178 "The Pride" off USS Ten Bears
  3. Chapter Ten “Troubles in Transition. Triumphs in the lab.” Post Vietnam naval aviation 1975 – 1990 “I hear the military is working on a new weapon called the cruise missile. Now this missile, they say, can be fired from San Diego, follow all the major highways across the United States and hit home plate at Yankee Stadium. I have a better idea though…instead of blowing our enemies up? We’ll just give the missile the ability to speak New Yorker and then our enemies will have to commit suicide because the missile annoyed them to death.” Johnny Carson The Tonight Show,
  4. Dan Rush


    Sunny today in Washington with high 72 until this afternoon when we see scattered showers on into the night. And another video from VA-166 in Fallon Nevada....Harpoon Slam-EX 2016
  5. Dan Rush


    Morning all, sunny start in Washington State with temps expected to reach 72.
  6. Could you perhaps do a skin of EA-6B of VAQ-136"Ironclaw 606" off USS Midway which was lost with all four crewmen including the squadron commander CDR Justin Green in 1987?
  7. Dan Rush


    Another promising sunny day in Washington though starting out cloudy and another video of my favorite combat jet, this time it's VA-166 A-6F Intruders (The Fighting Seeones) on a bombing detachment to NAS Fallon Nevada.
  8. Dan Rush


    Good afternoon guys. Temperature today in Wa State is mild and a little cool with high clouds and some chance of rain through the day... Perfect weather always however for flight sim-ing UCAV vehicles. This is indeed the new era of modern combat. Everyone thank Obama now because its the only good thing the bastard has done in 8 years.
  9. I will always love this wonderful tough little plane.
  10. I have my intruder flight sim now I can die a happy man https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjiEtqQnf4o
  11. Dan Rush


    What a nice day here in Washington for working and flying, my how I love Strike Fighters and flying the A-6 Intruder.
  12. Dan Rush


    Morning all, My Strike Fighter project 1 began to crash constantly after I downloaded a service pack. Now if I try to select "OPTIONS" the game crashes. I tried reloading it and it keeps doing it. Help....whimper.
  13. Dan Rush


    Morning all, weather is 50/50 clouds and overcast this morning. I have Strike Fighters 1 and now have my A-6E Intruder from VA-115 Buno 161109 number 503 that I plane captained in the 80's. I am content : ) Object for today....drop lots of bit bombs and send many bit Moo-sss-lams to electronic allah.
  14. “Sammy comes to Vietnam” Dealing with the SA-2 Guideline. The Soviet made SA-2 Guideline (NATO name) The first confirmation that the Soviet Davina S-75 surface to air missile (or “SA2 Guideline” as NATO called it) system was in North Vietnam was on April 5, 1965 when an RF-8 Crusaider from USS Coral Sea brought back photos of an operational “clover” near Fook Yen outside Hanoi. A “clover” is the traditional Russian arrangement for a Soviet anti-aircraft missile battalion; seven portable missile launcher base racks ringed aroun
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