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  1. Hey thanks, I got it all working with smart-views and nglide. It looks great.
  2. The game detects all my joystick buttons in the settings window, but it doesn't seem that you can change the button mappings. I can't select or cycle targets with my joystick, does anyone know if there is any way to customize your joystick mappings... I think the manual mentioned a separate exe, but I can't find it in the game folder. Thanks.
  3. I do like Eador, but it can become a grind.
  4. That does help DrKevDog, thank-you. I am not too worried about the smart views. Just so others know, I have found that with an nvidia graphics card you can choose the 'nglide' wrapper and have better graphics, even enabling sweetFX. OR You can choose the 'dgvoodoo' wrapper and have smart-views working fine but you will have the less nice/lower res graphics. I am very lucky to have stumbled upon this, this game is all I play at the moment lol. It is a sim, but it is easy to learn and is combat oriented. My fav experience so far is having an excess of maverick missiles against a small number of ground targets; I thought "may as well use them all". It was great.
  5. Hello I was unable to find the hex-value to stop the CTD when using the smart views, this one 005BF783 668B0447 mov ax, word ptr [edi+2*eax] Yet I was able to edit f22.dat to remove the 'wide' label. It is not a big deal, but I was just wondering if anyone else was able to hex edit the f22 dat file. I would like to add that I never played this game until I stumbled on this thread while looking for old flight sims this week. This is exactly what I was looking for, and more. Incredible. I am very impressed with this game and I really appreciate the efforts to keep it alive, I think this game deserves a lot more recognition. I already have the basics down, have read the manual and was just going over a few of the settings.
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