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    EF2000 Reloaded

    Please forgive if this has been answered somewhere else but I am still a bit confused! I own original EF2000 Evolution (= EF2000 CD + TACTCOM CD) and I understand that EF2000 v2 sold in the US included several versions of EF2000 including EF2000 with the GFX+ patch. Q1) Is EF2000 v2 CD the only place where I can obtain the GFX+ patch? Q2) Does the GFX patch make any difference if you're running EF2000 Reloaded on PCs with no graphics cards? (Sorry if this is a dumb question!)
  2. I own original copies of: EF2000 Evolution (EF2000 + TACTCOM) Super EF2000 F22 TAW I want to set up a flightsim project at the school I work at installing first Super EF2000, and then once we get better work station PCs with graphics cards, EF2000 Reloaded and F22 TAW v2. I understand that DID games like EF2000 and F22 TAW are not abandonware (?). Q) For multiple installs of these original sims and the community extentions what are the licence requirements, is is sufficient to just have disks of the original sims?