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  1. Heh! The only solution I have to run a 3DFX game made for win95 is to run it using PCem. Maybe it is useful to somebody: https://pcem-emulator.co.uk/
  2. Have you tried using DXWND and NGlide? https://sourceforge.net/projects/dxwnd/ https://www.zeus-software.com/downloads/nglide It is what I'm suing to successfully run M1 Tank Platoon II
  3. You'll have to add the folder where you have the F-22 installed to the exception list. That should do the trick. I uninstalled AVG and AVAST(similar interfaces, same company), so I don't remember, exactly, where to go, but it is in the options menu, and if I recall correctly,you just need to scroll down.
  4. Fascinating! Our lives managed to make us miss the golden age of simulators. To go into more detail, we could afford a computer by 1998, and the first simulator I ever got for PC was Combat Flight Simulator, followed by FS98 while still playing the Novalogic F-16 demo I got from a games magazine. Remember that the enemy planes were all B-2's? hahaha In one of those cases, I remember thinking "weird, I thought B-2's didn't have guns. Oh well, I'll be able to autorun them by climbing on my F-16." Only to later yell, "How is he going faster than me?!". Later on I found out that the demo multiplayer replaced the F-16's with B-2's. Later on I eventually managed to get from my dad FS2k when released, and I even got my allowance to buy me the Falcon 4.0 box. Gosh, I miss those manuals! By time I finally made some money by myself, it was in 2008, and I started to buy the old boxes of the simulators I missed. I even managed to find a USAF and Jane's F-18 box still unopened! I then bought TAW and EF2000 a few weeks later, with DI Super Hornet(never managed to make this one run properly, or reliably)... The rest is history. Remembering all this made me crave F-22 TAW, time to fly and hope I don't get shot down by doing something stupid. Thank you so much, again, for giving a piece of my childhood I missed back!
  5. Hahahaha Thank you. And this works for other games where they read joystick signals but won't allow us to turn them off like "planet Explorers" and "Iron Brigade". And venturing to the back of my pc to do this every time I wanted to play something was also annoying to put it mildly! Hahahaha Get that term paper finished, priorities! Thanks to you, and your team I get to enjoy two simulators on my adulthood that I initially couldn't when younger(lack of money, school...). And while I tried to sort this problem I did do a search on the forum looking for a solution and I found someone else having the same problem. This is what led me to share my workaround. A very tiny contribution on my part for the hours of enjoyment I already got with the community fixed and modded TAW and EF2000. Thank you for the vouching, the welcome and again, and always, for TAW and EF2000
  6. I also tried doing that, setting it up as default(clicking on "advanced" tab), but it refuses to take the default joystick and only uses the first joystick on the list, no matter what I do. I also tried using JoyID, to switch Joystick order, but it just an alternative to using the game controller defaults. This led me to use devmanview to do this automatically, because I found myself forgetting to disable it, and scrolling through the other devices was arduous. In other words, laziness pays off And if anyone is interested, I use http://launcher.nirsoft.net, keeps all the software and description in one place. Really useful for troubleshooting problems and other things. Using Nirsoft software has been a real lifesaver for me. Maybe the screenshot below can explain better the problem I was facing. This happened to USAF as well.
  7. I even managed to solve a nagging problem regarding TAW only reading the first joystick on the game controllers menu. (JoyId program was a no joy - pun intended ). Downloaded devmanview.exe from Nirsoft and created a very simple batch file to automate everything. The same one I'm using for USAF. Granted, no rudder control from my pedals but better than having to use toe breaks as pitch and roll control haha! Even tried using vJoy, but had no luck. This will execute the launcher, turn off whatever joystick you want off, and when you are done playing and close the launcher, the joystick will be re-enabled. Download this nifty little program, and place it on the same place as the batch file (create a text, and rename it .bat for those who don't know): http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/device_manager_view.html Then modify: "JOYSTICK NAME AS IS ON DEVMANVIEW" ---(Keep the quotes!) With the name as is on the devmanview.exe of your joystick. Right clicking, selecting properties and copying "Device name:" should do the trick. Then modify "INSTALL LOCATION OF TAW 2.0" to the location where you installed TAW2.0, remember to keep the quotes! "" @echo off echo *** Disabling joystick timeout /t 2 /nobreak >nul devmanview.exe /disable "JOYSTICK NAME AS IS ON DEVMANVIEW" echo. Echo ***Starting F-22 TAW Menu start "" /wait /d "INSTALL LOCATION OF TAW 2.0" tawmenu.exe echo *** Re-nabling Joystick devmanview.exe /enable "JOYSTICK NAME AS IS ON DEVMANVIEW" echo.
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