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  1. I am getting back into sims. I took my x45 never used out of a box adn finally have it working wtih Windows 10!! However the link the the SST software to profiles on Saitek site is broken. Is there a repository by game for different flight controllers? I picked up DCS and Cliffs of Dover in the steam sale... also have Wings of Prey.
  2. Thank you everyone in advance - i am sure you get these all the time. I have been lurking in forums and drooling at screen shots for 20 years. I used to actually beta test for Jane's adn Andy Hollis (Apache), EF2000 (anyone remember "LawnDarting(tm)" bug?), TAW, and some activision games. At my height I had (still have) the original thrusmaster sticks with that ancient joystick plug. I also loved Jane's Sims and the arcade ones too. Why I loved EF2000/TAW: Dynamic Campaign. The idea in these missions what you did and your AI counterparts mattered - why I obsessively tried to help DID figure out why your AI buddies would commit suicide. So what I want: Amazing 2016 graphics adn EF2000/TAW. Some learning curve, but minimal. Good flight model but no need to press 100 buttons to start the engine, but want the physics modeled fairly well (no ACE combat) I think Flaming Cliffs 3 would be too daunting. I doubt could run that with a gamepad like a xbox? System: i7/3770 16GB GTX970 70" TV Wireless Gamepad (XBOX), Wierles Keyboard and mouse. X52 in a box! Never used! I found my x45 in a sealed box! I have that also. Maybe could get a long USB to my couch... Any suggestions?? For sure modern combat...
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