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  1. Your a saint. Moving the game folder fixed both issues. Thank You So Much.
  2. I have reloaded under C:\EF2000Reloaded but, yes the actual game is under Program Files. Ill try to put the game folder somewhere else.
  3. Hello everyone, I finally manged to get the 3dfx version of this game in glourious 1080p. Unfortunately I also have run into some problems... I can't seem to get either the sound or my Saitek X-52 to work. I can play the game with the keyboard but no sound. I have read the manual and followed it but still I am having issues. Lets start with the sound. I select the Roland MPU-401 and select 'attempt to configure sound driver automaticatically'. I get a prompt saying driver detected succecfully, however when I press OK I get an Error saying 'Could not save configuration file'. This is the same when I try to set up the soundblaster As far as the joystick is concerned, I follow the setup instruction to the letter and still no joy. Another intersting thing I noticed is that when I set the options in the Preferences section of the DosBox config, the settings don't carry over to the game. In fact every time I start up the game I have to re do the in game settings. Its really late where I am but I would be more then willing to take screen grabs or anything you guys need to help me. Anything to get this gem running. Thank You.
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