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  1. Thanks Dude! I've been retro simming more than anything else lately. I have some of the oldies installed right now...Jane's F-15 &18, Mig Alley, Falcon 4 (BMS)...etc. I have newer sims too...they just lack the immersion of the oldies, so I ignore the ugly graphics and enjoy them for what they are. I also enjoy other genres as well...sort of a gaming "slut" when it comes to genre...lol. How about yourself? Flying? Gaming at all?
  2. Hi All! I quietly exited Combatsim back in the exodus of 2000. During a bout of nostalgia I ended up going through some of the Combatsim forum archives and figured I would join up and say hey! So what's been happening the last 16 years here? Leave nothing out...lol. Seriously...nice to see the site still going and hope everyone is doing well! Cheers!
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