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  1. Does anyone know if a basic off the shelf PS/2 cable from an electronics store would work or is the pinout different to the one that comes with the X-52?
  2. Thanks Stans I found all my other sims in their boxes hidden away in storage. I only managed to get FSX, Falcon 4: Allied Forces and Locked on: Modern Air Combat to start up, none of the others worked. I think I might uninstall the latter 2 sims and stick with FSX. I found TacPack on YouTube and it has me quite intrigues. I found DCS as well but it doesn't seem to have anywhere near the number of Aircraft you can install for FSX even if they are paid addons which I was planning to get when I first bought FSX anyway. Back then I am not sure if TacPack was available at the time, so I never thought of FSX as a combat simulation. But if anyone can attest to something better than FSX I'm listening...
  3. Is it possible to run this program on Windows 10? I just tried reinstalling it after finding it after years of having it in storage. Mind you, if I had too, I'd probably regress back to Windows 7, It's not like I need 10 with all the trouble I've been having.
  4. In my younger days I was a sim collector. I bought Locked On, SuperHornet Attack, Flanker 2.0, Longbow, and B117 (the only Janes Product I ever owned, even though they were the best in their time), and FSX. I played them through school until work and family commitments got in the way. And then the only thing I could play because it was the only game still playable on my computer was FSX. The last time I played it was 5 years ago. It's still on my computer and I play it time to time just to waste it, but up till now I didn't really have enough time to invest in it to get the most out of it. I am wondering if the legacy products are still worth time and effort to get working and up into the virtual sky? or should I invest in Addons for FSX or even DCS? I'm a stickler for realism, and I've heard the damage modelling for FSX isn't really up to scratch compared to some others, so if there is something out there that has better flight and damage modelling characteristics I'd most likely want to look into that. I just remembered, my introduction to the combat flight simulator was F15 Strike Eagle by Micropose (showing my age) and I loved how you got medals and rank promotions in that game, I remember playing another game like it but had A10's and a Sukhoi of some description (Su-27), come to think of it I think it was LOMAC - not sure??? Any thoughts on the subject would be most appreciated.
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