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  1. All pilots scramble! Strap yourself in for this months Community event - Operation Burning Skies! This Sunday, September 22, 11 am – 5 pm server time (US Central time). In honor of XOOM (the lead developer) and friends showcasing WWII Online at the Oregon International Air Show – our forces will battle for air superiority in Operation Burning Skies. High Commands are on high alert to rally their forces to victory! http://www.wwiionline.com/community-notes/reports/operation-burning-skies If you sign up for an account at wwiionline.com, you get one month of account time as a free trial, to play as infantry. After that, it is monthly subscription-based. HOWEVER, if you sign up now, your month will include the 2019 "Welcome Back Soldier" event, from October 1-15. That's when all previous accounts are reactivated as premium for the duration of the event. Lots of old-time vets come back and the fights are pretty intense. The full "Premium" subscription is $17.99(US)/mo but only $14.99(US)/mo if you pay via their payment plan. That's a month's worth of carnage for less than the price of a movie ticket and snacks. If you want to be a pilot only, they have an "All Air Force" plan for $9.99(US)/mo. If you want to try it out, there is a $4.99(US)/mo "Starter" subscription, which gives you access to a more limited selection of weapons and units which include low tier (early war) fighter and bomber aircraft. World War II Online has been around since its launch day on June 6th (D-Day), 2001. It's a true combined-arms sim set on a 1/2 scale map of western Europe. Play as infantry/armor/paratrooper, naval (destroyers and river patrol boats), or as a pilot (fly fighters or light and medium bombers) You can literally take off from England and fly as far east as Frankfurt, Germany. On the way, ALL the ocean, rivers, and land you fly over is on an active game map. You can fly over battles and be shot at by anti aircraft, bomb enemy factories, get into dogfights, fly CAS (combat air support) for ground operations, do some tankbusting, or more. Other than a few AI (computer controlled) gunners around towns and on army and air bases, ALL the enemies you face will be other players. There are still quite a few "day one" players who have been playing almost every day for the past 18+ years, so that will give you an idea on how addicting this game is. The graphics on WWIIOL are still somewhat simple. That is both good and bad. It doesn't have the "eye candy" of a lot of current sims. HOWEVER, that also means you don't have to have a state of the art computer to play in battles with sometimes hundreds of players per side. Also, the ballistics and other physics ingame are as accurate as possible. That means, if you hit a tank with your tankbuster's cannons, the shell hits a real location, with a real armor thickness, and actual components beneath it. There are no generic hits/kills in this game. However, that also means some lucky VERY rifleman can put a round through your cockpit and ruin your day, so beware. It's rare, but it happens. Aircraft are also as realistic as they can be made, and that goes for the aerodynamics as well. I won't say they're perfect, but they're pretty damned good. 🙂 The controls aren't complex. You mainly use trim, prop pitch, and throttle. If you're flying a bomber which has an internal bomb bay, you WILL have to open the doors before releasing your bombs. If you leave your flaps or gear down at too high of a speed, you WILL damage them. It's all pretty much common sense. If you've never played, it's definitely worth a try, at the very least for the free month. Hope to see you in the skies. Oh, and...GO ALLIED! -Irish
  2. New stuff is coming for WWIIOL this year. The dev team (The Rats) are expanding their capabilities, learning the ins and outs of the old engine, so they can add and change things. Plus, they're beginning plans for WWIIOL 2.0! BIG things are happening!!!!! http://www.wwiionline.com/roadmap By the way, if you haven't been ingame in a while, come see the new stuff already ingame. The latest additions, SPAA (self-propelled anti-aircraft) units, are ingame and are a BIG hit. The tankbusters (ground attack aircraft) are going to be ingame soon! -Irish
  3. WWIIOL is now out on the Steam game service! http://steamcommunity.com/app/251950 Sign up now and get a free MONTH of Premium time rather than only two weeks as previously. Also, all former Premium accounts are eligible for a discounted renewal rate as long as the account is kept current with no lapse. They are also able to activate a free month of Premium time as part of the Welcome Back Soldier promotion. Try it free for a month. Get on Discord and join with others playing. Use teamwork and learn the game. Oh, and...GO ALLIED! -Irish
  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! WWIIOL turns sixteen years old today. It's been sixteen years of serious sim action with no end in sight. It's only getting better! -Irish
  5. The latest campaign just started last week. Now is the time to get into the game with the early war/low tier equipment. That's perfect for a free to play (FtP) account. PLUS, you get TWO bonuses. You always get two weeks of premium level access when you create an account. In addition, starting May first, all FtP accounts get a free MONTH of premium access. That means, if you create your account this Sunday, the 16th, you get your two weeks followed by the free month, with no break in your acess. That's over SIX WEEKS of free premium level game time in one block. See you ingame! S! (salute) -Irish
  6. You don't have to have any more time for WWIIOL than you would spend on any other game. Just realize the game is going on without you when you're not there. And, as far as interest, this IS a "combat sim" site and this is THE combat sim. Be infantry, airborne, armor, naval, air...it's all there for you. There's no other game like it. Remember, Hitler spent his first war as a grunt, in the trenches. If you do well and learn the game in WWIIOL, you can apply for HC (high command). Then you can set attack orders, direct troops and supplies, and generally run the map. -Irish
  7. *sound of crickets* Nothing? McFly? How about some old time WWIIOL players sound off? Better still, anyone currently playing, give a shout out. -Irish
  8. Battleground Europe: &nbsp;World War II Online <---(Link) It's BA-AAAACK! Actually, it never left. But it's being updated and improved. The game is moving forward again. New weapons are being put ingame. Vehicles are being repurposed and new vehicles will start being modeled in a few months. Old players are returning and loving the progress. It's coming out on STEAM! Basically, the game was on life support. Some of the loyal, long-time players jumped in and took over. They're the "new" Rats (developers). They've raised some funds and updated servers, hired a coder, brought some old team members back, cleaned up a few hundred miles of poorly patched "spaghetti code," and have breathed new life into the game. They're upgrading capacity to release the game through the Steam game service later this year. And yes, they're updating models and improving the graphics. There's even talk of porting the game over to the Unreal 4 engine, when that becomes a viable option. Developer Roadmap - What's Coming In WWIIOL Yes, the graphics are more than a bit dated. HOWEVER, that's also a good thing, in a way, as that allows you to run the game without having to spend a fortune on a top of the line gaming computer. The game STILL has the Guinness World Record for the largest non-instanced game map, with a 1/2 scale map of Europe. That's right... Everyone is on the same map at the same time. You can play ground (infantry/armor), naval, or air. Start with a FtP (free to play) account, then move up to a Starter (limited tier) subscription for $4.99(US)/mo or Premium (full) subscription for $14.99(US)/mo. We have "day one" (fifteen and a half years) players still playing the game every day. It's totally skill based, so a day one player has just as good a chance as anyone else. There are NO microtransactions and no "improving" units with unrealistic better weapons/armor/engines/et cetera. What you see is what you get. Something fun for you to watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwOpvdrUInU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szF350y4M-8 Give it a try! (Go Allied!) -Irish
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