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  1. We have just updated the new versión 1.5 for IOS/Android. - Here you have the new Soviet faction expansion! - New German and US expansion: - Now you can share the game in your Social Networks with an option in friends window. - Random player games allow now matchmaking with a 150 ranking points gap. - Corrected some wrong translations in english glossary. - Non started games will be auto-deleted after some days if noone start them. - Added Flamethrowers for Vehicles. - Added Motorized capacity. - Added Dive Bombing capacity.
  2. New version 1.4 First of all, thank you all for the big amount of suggestions. We have read all of them and applied many of them to improve your experience. Version 1.4: - Now the games expire after some days. All the players that are waiting for a player who is not playing will get victory in few days. - There is a new screen in the beggining with news and that will let you share the game in your social networks. - Now the players are shown beside their country flag. - The collection can be filtered by factions. - There is a new button in game menu for withd
  3. After a lot of months of hard work in design, develop and test, we have launched a new videogame for the wargamer public. All the effort, the substantial investment of time and money, the long hours to think in the design to make a real solitary wargame, This was all worthwhile, The game is here. We are happy to present you the game:WWII Tactics Card Game. This game has been developed by Nerlaska Studio, Dracoideas S.L and Alberto Llano. This game is the second product of the line called War Series. The game is compatible with any Android phone (Version 2.3.3 or higher) and IOS
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