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    Hey guys, I'm glad to be here! I've been reading the forum for a while, and I must say the improved version of TAW is even better than the original I played 1999-2000 circa! Thanks for making this available. Here are some things about the game, that I probably didn't consider the first time... 1. I'm playing Urgent Shield, after winning Strike Force: destroying C4 targets is the main objective in this campaign, but is there any value in attacking EWR stations outside of that? Meaning, attacking them anyways, during the first hours of battle of any campaign. Does that actually blind the enemy of your presence, giving it less time to respond with CAP/scramble flights? 2. There seem to be two types of said stations: one is always made of two buildings, inside a 'square' with a distinct terrain texture... the other is larger, crossed by a road, and made up of a dozen of antennas, ewr dishes and control buildings... these ones seem to be the main target of operation Urgent Shield. So, how would one go about this? 3. C4/EWR nodes are shown on the map when playing a campaign, yet there's only a few per every nation (3 for Ethiopia), while as I said above, there seem to be two different types. The MFD map (numpad 2) shows some locations with -AA and -EW suffix, but the 'small' ones aren't necessarily there... 4. Speaking of C4, is there any value in attacking enemy AWACS? Or is it just temporary since they will launch another one... 5. Enemy air bases: I understand destroying both the control tower and the wind sock should make them go 'black', yet they still scramble planes if you fly near them, don't they? They just don't launch strike missions anymore... 6. Can the wind sock be effectively destroyed with the 20mm cannon? There seem to be two 'destruction stages' for that object - for any ground object, for that matter. 7. Also: what about air bases without both the wind sock and the control tower? 'Dispersal' airports. Are they remote-controlled by another nearby air base? 8. Prompting your wingman to attack enemy SAM/AAA: what's more effective, 'engage my target' or 'engage hostile'? With the latter, he seems to choose the target randomly... but with the former, he seems to take a really long time to position himself to fire... 9. If I land at a friendly airbase and resupply, my wingman won't be able to fire AG weapons, sometimes calling 'Winchester', even though it's shown on the MFD he has them on board. Sometimes even AA weapons... 10. Is it just me, or... when you edit a mission and choose for yourself and the other flight(s) a certain weapons package, the game will then remember that preference and use that for subsequent, AI controlled flights? I was thinking that could be a good way to avoid seeing your dumb bomb-equipped strike flights miss their target... or wild weasels with rocket pods getting mauled by AAA... 11. Lastly, is there an order of value, or cost, for the planes during campaign? Should I just edit missions and use F-22s every time I can? How does the game decide who 'wins' an engagement? The MIrage's I observed during Strike Force pretty much sucked most of the time, yet scored a number of victories in cannon dogfighting.