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  1. Being newly retired and having more projects and hobbies than I can shake a stick at right here at home and also being decidedly on the antisocial side I really haven't noticed a big difference. I have noticed my honey do list seems to get longer as I get items done. How that works I haven't figured out yet.
  2. I wonder if Rommel could set me up with a good ww2 era K98 Mauser for my collection? Now that he's a truck driver he could even deliver it.
  3. Yep and he does very well too. Track champion last year. He worked with my wife before she retired last year so we have to go watch him race a few times a summer lol.
  4. The name sounds familiar but I was on 2nd shift for the last 14 years so there are quite a few people who I don't know. I know a Nick Hinkley but I don't know if he is related.
  5. Hey Cobra. I live Phippsburg just south of Bath so not to far from them and just retired from BIW after 32 years. I remember you saying you have a place in Maine. Donster and Stans I just started with IL2 again. The Bodenplatte add on finally got it to where it felt right to me. I keep trying DCS every once in a while but it is just too blah so far. Other than that it has been mostly Red Orchestra 2 Vietnam for games though my son just recently got me into War of Rights which is a civil war fps. It's in beta right now but it doesn't suck and there will definitely never be any run and gun in it. I've been spending time been keeping up my very small collection of mostly WW2 rifles that I like to shoot but the cleanup after is a little tedious.
  6. Hows everyone doing and whats everyone playing now if anything? I've been doing a little IL2 with most of the WW2 addons. It's about as close a a modern equivalent to EAW as anyone has done so far. I'm hoping that Normandy help.
  7. Nice to see you guys are still at it.
  8. HelIo! Got a little nostalgic after trying to fly in Battle of Stalingrad so I thought I'd check out the old place and see if anyone was still here. Kind of missing the old, relatively speaking EAW days. For all of their vaunted "improvements" the new bread of flight sim just seems to leave me cold. The best hope seems to be at least for me Team Fusion's version of Cliffs of Dover. As to how life up here is. Like they say "The way life should be" Loving the summer so far other than the slight over abundance of rain.
  9. Had to create my 3rd login name to do it but it's nice to see this place is still hanging on.
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