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  1. thanks x the answer. when giving the icon of the reloaded I skip the message "dll lokation key no present" I configure the ef2000exe from the folder. Clicking on the back of the plane leaves me with the black screen. And the one that comes out x behind me comes "dosbox swiched to max cicles, because of the setinngs: cicles = auto. if the games runs fast try a fixed amount
  2. hi thanks x the answer The problem was solved only, reinstalled and ready worked in the campaign. I have no sound or joystick, a thrustmaster afterburner, the game options are crossed out and I can not activate them. a greeting
  3. Hello: I have a problem with the campaign deñ ef2000 v2.0 3dfx reloaded, the game loads perfectly looks amazing. But in the menu when I choose to play campaign does not load and leaves the game to win again. Why do not you let me play the campaign? Greetings and thank you


    Hello everyone I'm new to the forum and a big fan of old school simulators. Especially the ef2000, fleet defender gold, apache longwo ..... My English is bad, I'm Spanish and I'm writing this from a translator. I just wanted to introduce myself and greet all the people in this forum. a greeting
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