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  1. You can't, unless you or someone else is willing to contribute.
  2. Just a quick update: I haven't been able to do get much done recently because, well, most of the core systems work but there's a lot of small tasks to do and so far I haven't gotten any contribution from others. So at this point my question is: Is anyone willing to join and help?
  3. Oh I have the data and all that. It's just that unity isn't built for this, and the typical workarounds only work for singleplayer. The reason is simple: Most workarounds involve shifting the world origin, or rather, all the objects in the world, so that whatever you see in the game happens close to the 0/0/0 point. This works fine and dandy, but there's two problems: 1) You need to shift by a round number, because of floating point precision. So that means that each tile has to be a round number. And getting real world data in is trouble enough, but it seems like there's no good w
  4. I have some bad news. For the time being, I have decided that using real terrain data is out of scope for me. I'm still the only guy working on this and in the past month I've learned that there's definitely a large amount of overpromise and overconfidence in the Unity community. Lots of assets that promise solutions just plain don't work, or only work in a few select cases, with their authors promising the world and being able to deliver very little. To give you an example, I've worked on double precision stuff for quite some time, and Unity doesn't support double precision. So you have to im
  5. What I do know is that GOG comes with dosbox, which basically means they work even for people with no technical skills. Of course you don't get MT-32 emulation or any of that fancy stuff preconfigured, but you can always add that yourself (as well as hunt for those roland firmware files...)
  6. 7 bucks for a DOS game that had DRM added to it? I don't think so. Plus it's just 2 Euros on GOG, without DRM. A no-brainer, if you ask me.
  7. Unfortunately OSM doesn't seem to have much data on Iraq. I hope to get the roads in at some point, but eh. Right now I'm battling with getting a decent terrain texturization. And also the floating point stuff is a bit tricky to get working in multiplayer, so that's holding me up a bit too. You'll get a demo as soon as one can fly a full mission, including placement of ground features, mission success criteria, terrain impact damage, proper death handling, and of course the floating point stuff fixed.
  8. Unity does not support double precision unfortunately. That would make things much easier for me. I have to work around that sadly. EDIT: BTW love TFXplorer, looks amazing!
  9. Oh I am busy working on the game, don't worry! I've started on the OPFOR C3 network simulation, which is just a fancy way of saying that I aim to reproduce the "bomb triggered AAA" phenomenon of the first iraq war, where the first destroyed target caused all the defenses in the vincinity to start firing more or less blindly. I'm extending that to radar detections, however brief, causing your trajectory to be relayed to nearby defenses. In essence, AAA will be very deadly if they get a bead on you, but also worrysome if they just have an approx position. There's two major items that I've b
  10. Didn't have much time today and flying to Rome for the next two days, so the only things I've done today are MFD symbology for AAA as well as dotted circles for pulse radar. Next up will be vehicle death handling, terrain collision damage, and I think I'll do the menu and server browser real soon too.
  11. Yeah don't worry, I'll dial it down a bit. Modding would be nice but realistically I don't see this happening. The effort for making an extendable structure is considerable, since we're not just talking about new meshes but also cockpit integration, MFDs, etc... However there's always room for someone with unity experience to join in and make more planes, or even modding, happen. In fact, I did write things in a way that makes it possible to support human players on the opfor side as well. In particular I am working on a C3 network that shares information about spotted contacts, whic
  12. Update for today: I've started work on AAA guns. No MFD symbology yet, explosion and damage radius still missing, but you can see that the aiming works pretty well. I've also added some visual spice to make those tracer rounds really pop.
  13. Update for today: x) fixed multiplayer radar processing x) fixed multiplayer RWR sound handling x) fixed player aircraft bouncing around on spawn x) fixed missile launches activating weapon cam MFDs on all clients x) fixed SAM launcher rotation not being synchronized Known issues: Explosion VFX not synced to clients Explosion SFX not synced to clients Terrain collision does not result in damage/destruction yet Player aircraft is just deleted on destruction, should implement proper death handling (possibly observer mode?) Tactical map does not display fellow coop pl
  14. Don't praise me yet! Turns out I was simply lucky that stuff like FLIR target designation, SAMs, etc worked - they were in fact not synced properly. Took me a few hours to figure out syncing of the currently designated FLIR target and making SAM launchers work consistently across clients. What's still not done is making RWR/launch warning sounds only play for the airplane that is affected by it, and... uh... I broke the weapon camera mfd in multiplayer. Tactical map works but doesn't display any player objects yet. Oh and the SAM radar logic currently runs on all clients and the server, which
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