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    I didn't experience the high altitude bug. AFAIK Novalogic had an altitude bug but I didn't play with it. From what I remember and the notes on my test it was very accurate as far as public data matching is concerned. dry 0.4492 L/s (seems low) wet (9.3318 L/s) at FL 390 (important) and it gave me a rough 8164 L estimate for the main tank. I dunno about f-16(dot)net source but it's 29,000 lb class for F100-PW-229 and 29,500 lb class for F110-GE-129 according to 2003 manual. There's a difference between ground idle and flight idle. GI: The nozzle opens to greater than 80% @65-77% rpm. FI: The nozzle is open to 0-20 percent and the thrust is higher than ground idle (estimating ~850 lb for F119). Below FL 300, idle rpm is 70-80%. As altitude increases, idle rpm increases to provide the engine sufficient stall margin during throttle transients. The minimum thrust level increases from idle to MIL between 0.98-1.4 mach (obviously it's 1.58 for F22). Btw. the actual thrust value is calculated as 35000*0.454*9.80655=155826.0795 N => 156 kN (standard SI & physics) Engine start, high energy ignition by the engine alternator, is automatically turned on @ ~10% rpm and is automatically turned off @ 59% rpm. The automatic relight activates when the engine rpm deceleration rate exceeds 5 percent per second, or when the engine rpm goes below 59 percent. A low energy ignition system is used as a backup to the high energy system. The low energy system is energized if the engine decelerates through approximately 55% rpm while airborne. The ignition system is powered by emergency ac bus No. 1. These are pretty consistent rules of thumb for pre-F119 engine meaning they work very close at ideal max efficiency. Standard civil take-off/landing angle is 8 degrees. For military it seems to be around 10-14 (max-slow speed). The F-22 was specified for a 3.05m/s drop. The amount of fuel I'm guessing at least 500-1500 lb (140-350 NM) or minimum to reach the next airfield (reserve). Yeah, rolling resistance for aircraft is tricky. Unlike cars it's not powered but shoving. Yep, the F-22 has a higher lifting force body and is slicker than the F-15.
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    The wikipedia article has been censored like so many others... The nose tyre is Goodyear or Michelin 23.5 x 7.5-10 (22 ply) [pressure 17.93 bars (260 lb/sq in)]. Mainwheels are Goodyear or Michelin 37 x 11.5-18 (30 ply), [pressure 23.44 bars (340 lb/sq in)]. Based on these data you can calculate the weight and landing stress as per standard specifications for landings angles and standard fuel load for landings. The thrust of 93.6 kN & 156 kN are warranted specifications, that are outdated now but still valid for older engines. Thrust also depends on the size of the intakes and can be calculated. Besides the F-22 is speed limited by aerodynamics via wing angle and the form of the nose. This is also calculate-able. So the higher engine performance allows higher acceleration to reach maximum velocity faster and or better energetic advantage in a dogfight. N2 is 80% for taxing (don't make me read all the manuals). As for fuel consumption DID's F-22 ADF is most accurate and can be verified based on amount of fuel in the tanks (25000 lb specified) (real max 36515 lb or 23043 l). Afterburner is usually around 4x but this isn't your usual engine design. Just go into ADF and take measurements. A lot of information can be calculated and verified with ordinary aircraft/aeronautic knowledge.
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    F-22 Total Air War 2.30 (Final) Released

    I see. I figured adding game functions is impossible but I'd hopped models would be possible. I heard https://retdec.com/ can decompile programs and https://cuckoosandbox.org/ can be used to track activities. These might help to hack. Still not easy but better than nothing. Nice. Yeah, as a modder myself I know how it is. Going for more detailed discussion there.
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    Jane's USAF

    The latest mod (2016) and last official patch http://www.moddb.com/games/janes-united-states-air-force/downloads/tackleberrys-patches-for-usaf-iaf-and-fa http://www.moddb.com/games/janes-united-states-air-force
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    F-22 Total Air War 2.30 (Final) Released

    Thanks for this amazing mod. Out of curiosity is it possible to add new models and expand the database? It would be nice if it can be modded to have newer aircrafts & weapons. And if possible even control ships, too. I had played Jane's ATF which allowed you to control any aircraft, vehicle and ships as well as create missions with all military branches. AFAIK there is no real simulator that allows control of all military branches. Jane's/Sonalysts Fleet Command is too old and limited. CMANO is just a bean counter; Naval War Arctic Circle, a bad renderer both pretending to be simulators without actually having a real physics engine. And the rest like Wargame: AirLand Battle/Red Dragon are either arcades or like Hearts of Iron IV a RTS with arbitrary stats. Arma 3 as a FPS isn't suitable. The only real simulator I see is DCS World/DCS Combined Arms which is more of an afterthought and too underdeveloped.