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    Rupp's Skizzenbuch

    New member here, long time sim flyer ( red baron, BOB, Il2, ROF, BOS). I have an art project that was sparked by a love of WWI military history and aviation that I want to share with you. It is an on-line serial World War I soldier's journal and sketchbook. Over the next eleven months, you can follow along as Unteroffizier Gerhardt Rupp re-tells the story of "The Blue Max" from his perspective with his own words, sketches and photographs in his journal. A new chapter will be published online every couple weeks right up to November 11th. I attached a schedule below Here is the link to the first chapter. Mainly I am looking for readers who might find this to be an immersive way to commemorate the close out of the Centennial. PROLOGUE http://www.thebluemaxproject.org/prologue/ In this chapter an aging German immigrant passes away in St. Augustine, Florida. Among her personal effects a soldier's journal and sketchbook from World War I is discovered. The sketchbook is sent on to the Smithsonian's Special Collections Archivist for further study Introductions http://www.thebluemaxproject.org/ch1-introductions/ Unteroffizier Rupp Gerhardt introduces himself and explains what brought this “old campaigner” to the town of Beauvin and what services he provides to his squadmates at Jasta 77. Next Chapter will be issued on Friday January 12th. Salute, WWGeezer WingWalkers CO
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    Rupp's Skizzenbuch

    CHAPTER THREE - THE VILLAGE http://www.thebluemaxproject.org/ch3-the-village/ Rupp’s squad mate takes him for a wild ride in a DFW and ruins his aerial photo shoot of the Aerodrome requested by the Hauptmann. Angry with all of them he settles into some late night sketching and describes the Aerodrome, the village of Beauvin and his lucrative side businesses. CHAPTER FOUR - THE PEOPLE http://www.thebluemaxproject.org/ch4-the-people/ Rupp is more than willing to exploit others to make sure he survives the war. He uses his sketchbook to keep track of his fellow squad mates and make sure he doesn’t miss an opportunity. In this Chapter, he shares both his sketches and his commentary on each of them. CHAPTER FIVE – NEW ARRIVALS http://www.thebluemaxproject.org/ch5-new-arrivals/ Bruno Stachel arrives at Jasta 77 and meets Rupp for the first time. Their not so friendly introduction is interrupted by an attack on the base by a group of Sopwith Camels. The next chapter will be February 23rd.
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    Rupp's Skizzenbuch

    yup....its amazing when you realize in the end the German's lost because they ran out of materials to support the war. In my opinion the US impact on the war was less about battles but more the promise of ample materials, weapons and soldiers when both sides were so depleted.
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    Rupp's Skizzenbuch

    CHAPTER TWO - THE GREAT WAR http://www.thebluemaxproject.org/ch2-the-great-war/ Rupp shares a map he drew to show where Jasta 77 is located on the Western Front. He intercepts an American paper and gets some insight into how the other side thinks the war is going. Next Chapter will be issued on Friday, January 19TH. If you missed a previous chapter you can find it here. http://www.thebluemaxproject.org/new-blog/2017/12/31/rupps-skizzenbuch
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    Rupp's Skizzenbuch

    bumping my post, added a chapter