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  1. I got a little lucky and found a tqs/F22 combo with the swf22 chips so I now haven a working set! That stick was broken (metal inside gymbal is busted/snapped but I might be able to fix) and the tqs is missing the t2-3-4-5 knob which I'm going to try and track down. My goal now is to have two working sticks. One will be usb like yours but using an atmega28 and the other will be serial using the swf22. On a side note, i did look at the swf chips in a pic reader, they DO have the copy protection bit enabled so it looks like short of Bob coming out of retirement to release his source code, the re
  2. It is really appreciated. The guy over @ simHQ has been really helpful with his usb mod - Right now the biggest thing I'm missing is the mouse functionality (can't figure out why windows doesn't see the serial mouse). Only thing I can think of at this point is that w/o a true serial mouse passed through, windows can't configure it. My eraser mouse is not recognized AT ALL. As far as the swf22 - I can't imagine doing a full dump/copy would be that hard, it would be wonderful if I could either get ahold of a chip or if someone could do the dump with theirs. Any help would be great -
  3. I was able to find some files (CTFJ and Macros) - I would update the main post but I can't seem to edit it. Still trying to get a dump of the SWF22 Chip and fox pro Macros CTFJ and other old software - links still let you download
  4. Wow thank you for the upload and the info! I will definitely reach out to him too! I just recently found that retro cities page and a lot of the links are still good for files! (I'm archiving them all for preservation) and small world eh? So far EVERONE in the flight sim community has been awesome and hopefully when I'm all done I can give back in one way shape or form! 73 Zach
  5. Hey all! I'm finally getting into flight sims again and reliving my glory days with the likes of Falcon, Jane's Combat Sims and some others. I never was lucky enough back then to have a setup like the TQS and F22, but now I do! I recently rebuilt an older machine (Windows 98 P4 2.8ghz with some modifications) and acquired an F-16 TQS from Syracuse NY and an F22 Pro stick from Scottsdale, AZ (God bless goodwill and craigslist!). I have managed to track down SOME software: Fox 2.3 F22 CCC software from Thrustmaster A Few Prebuilt Macros Other sof
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