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    Hind has poor HUD ?

    yes indeed. that's the one. fine for rockets and gun but not for guided missiles thanks for the reply, what do you play now ? keltos
  2. Keltos

    Apache Havoc

    mine bugs... sometimes as I am dead on the ground I can't escape to the menu, sometimes it does strange things, doesn't respond to keyboard commands..
  3. Keltos

    Hind has poor HUD ?

    Hi I'm new at the game, I mostly played subsims before like SH4 where I was a good modder, I have been playing for a bit now , I love the Hind.. but.. there is no real hud ? just the aiming circle when firing the gun, not altitude, no speed... Is that normal ? like when it uses the Spiral Atgm there is no aiming circle I use the fully modded version of eech