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  1. first time I have used the sc2500 bomb did they make anything bigger in the war? This is the biggest bomb I have seen in BOS so far
  2. A Soviet train carrying supplies to the front needs to be stopped. A ju-87 dive bomber is tasked with the job.
  3. compilation of aircrew bailing out under combat conditions.
  4. Just a short clip of a bf110 actually surviving a dogfight! Thanks to a wingman.
  5. I think they pretty much are in a 1v1 situation. But when they have a numbers advantage, they can be pretty effective.
  6. This is probably the most beat up bomber I ever had to land. A he-111 got jumped but a few Yaks!
  7. I often find myself in a fighter gliding to a Airstrip. I find it difficult to know when to start slowing down. So, I either come in way too hot and over run the airstrip. Or I lower landing gear too early and run out of energy to get to the airstrip. Below is probably the best I have ever done and I still came up short ???? Any tips on what I did wrong and what you do would be of great help
  8. what are your personal ethics regarding this matter? don't you think my plane was damaged enough to stop continued attack? I think if a plane is obviously going down and the engine is knocked out, you should stop the attacks
  9. Is the he-111 effective at low level bombing? In this sortie I try and bomb a train under 200 ft Seems like low level bombing is frowned upon with the he111.
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