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  1. The real question is this! What are your ethics on attacking Red Cross infrastructure in the setting of WW2? What happens if the enemy shields valuable targets under the banner of the RED CROSS? www.youtube.com/c/crashesnfails
  2. yeah would be great. Probably takes alot of work to animate it for each aircraft !
  3. Scary Flight simulator bailouts! Bomber bailouts Special! Video made by IL-2 Crashes and Fails. www.youtube.com/c/crashesnfails
  4. Engine on fire! details below....... A Luftwaffe Me-262 jet is jumped on its approach to landing. Unfortunately the me-262 jet sustains moderate damage. All seems well until the left engine on the me-262 jet catches fire resulting in an emergency landing. www.youtube.com/c/crashesnfails
  5. I was returning from a bombing mission flying the A-20 Havoc. Suddenly a couple of bf109s got on my tail and fired. They scored a direct hit! Blowing one of my elevators clean off. This event violently inverted my A-20. I found myself in the dreaded inverted spin! Try as I may to recover from this inverted spin nothing much worked. So, in a moment of panic I lowered the landing gear and applied FULL flaps. To my surprise this action immediately restored the the A-20 to a somewhat level flight! il2 crashes and fails crashes 'n' fails www.youtube.com/c/crashesnfails
  6. Anyone know if the 262 was taken down in a dogfight? I seem to get done on the landing when using the Me-262.
  7. An unlucky bf-110 crew performs an emergency landing: A valiant Bf-110 pilot earns his paycheck trying to land without flaps and rudder after they were blown off in combat.
  8. Low level bombing mission to take out a Train carrying supplies to the front. He-111 takes a beating once again.
  9. Crashes 'n' Fails 34 - He-111 engine fires and Explosions #3 A compilation involving the demise primarily of He-111's. The game is il-2 Battle of Stalingrad. crashes 'n' fails
  10. Sometimes all that is left is Honor and Sacrifice. That means pinning the throttles to MAX and pointing your Airplane at the target in a Kamikaze attack!. Warning no pilots made it out alive in this one! IL-2 sturmovik great battles, by crashes and fails!
  11. A brave fighter pilot lands his stricken aircraft. Avoiding certain death! - IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad ; Great Battles.
  12. The game is IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles! LOW ALTITUDE BAIL OUTS!
  13. instead of crash landing and exploding I have be trying to bail out more often! anyone have rules what height/min height to bail at? IL-2 crashes and fails
  14. ok thanks! some people are saying the p-40 was heavy and adding cannon would add to this problem
  15. Just got the P-40 been flying it abit. Seems to me the 50 cals do great work against bombers like the he-111. Does anyone know if the P-40 ever had cannon fitted to it? I find it easier to hit targets with 50cals. I think that’s due to the immense amount of tracer, makes it way easier to walk fire on to target. Also Im finding more targets are getting set on fire! The landing gear seem stout aswell no problems landing on dirt roads. https://youtu.be/Ds8QoXxA8wk
  16. Yes, to help slow down. I was going to fast for the steep approach.
  17. il2 battle of stalingrad crashes and fails
  18. Happy new year combatsim members! -crashes and fails!
  19. volume #25 in the series of crashes and fails for il-2 battle of Stalingrad.
  20. He-111 formation attack il2 battle of stalingrad crashes and fails
  21. il-2 Battle of Stalingrad. Landing planes on fire. crashes and fails il-2
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