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  1. The cheat file provided have been blocked by Windows Defender after detection of Trojan Malware.
  2. I haven't played for months.Now when I opened the game to play there is no audio.(I even tried with settings in the game).It's all muted. Before I couldn't hear the Speech but the plane's sound and now both gone.Please reply ASAP!
  3. Hey peeps I have got riden of the cheat problem.All you have to do is launch the game and let the loading finish.Then minimize the game and launch the Trainer +3(!adp->cheats->trainer+3->) application in the background.Then activate the given cheats in the game.
  4. I managed to run the game with few adjustments to glide settings and yeah still no signs of cheats working and thanks for the reply.
  5. Thanks Alot! 1) I have few problems running the game.It simply crashes and the cockpit hud display seems to be unusual(in the pic below) 2) Apart from that how to get unlimited ammunition cheat activated.I tried activating as described in the cheat document but didn't worked out.
  6. Under the file given to unlock all campaign missione "CHEAT":- Unlock Dynamic Campaigns use the logfile to unlock all campaigns. overwrite the "logfile.dat" file in your "players\X" folder w/ the provided one. be warned that this will erase your original pilot record. How do I overwrite the file?
  7. Not able to unlock campaigns after outcast.
  8. I am not able to unlock Campaigns after Outcast, I downloaded the game from facebook page which redirected me to googe drive link
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