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  1. So, it must work in full screen. For any game. If you need a help just ask. But how is your settings here in nvdia control pannel ?(well my pic is in portuguese, sorry)
  2. Hi mikew, What is the exactly native resolution of your monitor? And i forgot to say above that 3Dmigoto also automatically changes the MFDs views convergences and separation to make them absolutely comfortable to play in 3D. Anyhow I have a passive Philips Gioco 3D 27". It´s native resolution is 1920x1080 and the game runs full widescreen and are not stretched in any way using the above files (f22.exe widescreen). I myself edited this file so IMHO its better than the ones that comes with TAW2.3 because its really widescreen without stretching the cockpit or external view. Its like a native widescreen game. I also have a Lg 24" passive 3D 1980x1024 that works the same. And sometimes i also runs 3D games in my living room in a LG passive 4k 3d 55" TV. Yesterday played TAW 3D a bit there...awesome!
  3. Here the files and directions to install all 3d stuff: 3Dvision F-22 Total Air War Setup April, 2019 Mod by Rubini (first of all, excuse me my english, isn't my native language) A. What you need: 1. F-22 TAW 2.30 mod installed 2. dgvodoo 2 2.45 (seems that don't work well on newer versions) http://dege.freeweb.hu/dgVoodoo2/dgVoodoo2_45.zip 3. These two mod files. https://www.dropbox.com/s/w5ce1racq5w47fs/3dvision_TAWbasicfiles.7z?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/ik6c5p7ql6hkt37/TAW_3Dmigoto1.3.15Fix.7z?dl=0 4. Nvidia Inspector https://www.guru3d.com/files-get/nvidia-inspector-download,4.html (disable reshade or SweetFX for now. They can conflict with 3dmigoto. You can try to enable then later after this install and have tested the game a bit. Anyhow with the settings explain below will be no need to run shaders enhances like these. The visual result is already the best) B. Install F-22 TAW 2.30 mod as explained on its own directions. Set its wrapper sections like this (FIRST pic only): Note that you will not install any wrapper by the TAW Menu (taw launcher) - it will be replaced by the new one that you download above. If you already have installed any by the TAW Menu (taw launcher) just set as above that it will be uninstalled automatically. C. Unzip dgvodoo 2 2.45 at any place on your computer (can be, but not mandatory, on the F-22 TAW install folder itself). Run dgVoodooSetup.exe once (from the folder that you unzip dgvodoo 2 2.45) and set as the pic below. Then close it. D. Now unzip that two mods files (3dvision_TAWbasicfiles and TAW_3Dmigoto1.3.15Fix) on the ...\F-22 Total Air War 2.0\MODS. Then run JSGME.exe (from the F-22 TAW install folder) and enable these two mods as this second pic: Note that both Nostalgia mod and Objects Max Draw Distance mod in this pic are totally optional (comes with the F-22 installer and are optional). BUT ALWAYS enable the two 3Dvision mods for last. 3dvision_TAWbasicfiles will install f22 executables (already glide, widescreen and TIR), glide.dlls, some 3D fixes and help files like this one TAW_3Dmigoto1.3.15Fix install 3Dmigoto v1.3.15, the Vertex Shaders that fix the game and d3dx.ini that have the special key profiles among others few files. E. Now install Nvidia Inspector i(f you yet don't have it installed). Note: For win 8 and below can be necessary to run TAW one first time to its profile appears on Nvidia Inspector. So, after install nVidia Profile runs the game once. Windows 8 and below probably will ask you about Rundll32 when enters in any mission into the game for the first time (note: just once, for the first time): Just allow it, enters into the game and quit. After that you probably already have a Nvidia Profile for TAW as below. So let's continue. Open Nvidia Profile, locate and open the F-22 Total Air War profile and adds the f22.exe as its executable if it is not already ( not _f22.exe, pay attention!). This f22.exe was installed from the 3dvision_TAWbasicfiles mod that you did on the "D" section just above. See the pic below . Note the f22.exe at the first line (again not _f22.exe!!!). The settings on this pic are my suggested settings for TAW profile to get the best image into the game. Dgvodoo 2 2.45 will run TAW in dx11 so AA will not work from the profile. But these sets are enough to give to the game a excellent visual. Note that dgvodoo itself will apply 8x AA to the game. Yet on TAW profile, look below on section 7 - Stereo, you must have these settings below. Note that 3Dmigoto (that you installed on section D above) already setted it automatically when you run the game first time: If you yet don't have these sets above, just run the game again and it must do it automatically. Well that is it. Now when running the game at any time in mission (3Dvision will not kick in at menus) press Crtl+T and the stereo magic comes in. A doubled image will appears. Just put your stereo glasses and see it! F. 3Dvision and 3Dmigoto special controls into the game: 1. Controls for 3DVision into any game (by nvidia 3Dvision driver itself): - Ctrl+T: enable 3D -Ctrl+F11: to adjust that sided bars in some 3D games (TAW needs it, so press it 2 or 3 times until the side bars disappears) 2. 3Dmigoto is a wrapper that allows us to fix the vertex and pixel shaders that are not fixed automatically by 3Dvision drivers. It also allows us to create complex profiles that automatically changes things like convergence/separation for different scenes of the game like cockpit, external views, MFDs, etc. Also some new special keys and functionalities can be added to the game. So, 3Dmigoto will changes automatically TAW convergence for your eyes confort when into cockpit or external views or even for MFDs views. Also the HUD and any other Text in game will be adjusted automatically, providing always a good and comfortable 3D view. So no need to use these below keys but they are here if you need them eventually. - key Home: set the convergence to cockpit standart (this is a very safe set that will not have any glitch in game) - Key End: cycles the convergence to external view low convergence and the standard one - Key Ctrl+PgUp: allows the holograph mode. This is a plus on this fix. The Plane on external views will seems to fly out of your monitor! Looks a model toy and seems that you can catch it with your hands. Very cool!. And the game is totally playable too. - Key Ctrl+PgDown: turn all text off. Good for look at the game in external views with clean screen. Also to make pics. Note that the game already have a key that adjust the HUD on off for the same effect in cockpit views. - Key Ctrl+0 (zero): brings more convergence to the game. The 3D effect is yet better. Useful for external views and can be used also on holograph mode. - Key Ctrl+F10: resets 3Dmigoto profile if anything goes wrong. The convergence is set to cockpit standard for safety. G. Final comments: TAW is an old 1998 directx 5 game, made to run with 3Dfx Glide boards to get its best. It have one of the best compromise between Dynamic Campaigns and a sim playability until today. This is why we love it. Today, to run it well and with good resolution we need a Glide wrapper. This last dgvoodoo2 runs it at Dx11 and with the same good visuals as an old 3Dfx glide board. Being "now" a Dx11 game, 3Dvision and 3Dmigoto can push it to a real stereo 3D game! Just a impossible thing before. But nothing is perfect, some effects aren't find in Vertex or Pixel shaders and can't be fixed by 3Dmigoto. - Lens flares - Some smoke effects - Planes and vehicles tires - Sun glare in some views - High G effects on screen So these are partially or totally disabled automatically when running in real stereo 3D and will not affect the gameplay neither you will really notice them. (Note that in low convergence (for example in cockpit or external view keys explain above) tires, smoke and lens flare are all correct. The problem is just when using high convergences - which is the best 3D effect. So use them as you like.) Running a game in a real stereo 3D make it much better in immersion and beauty. And TAW is not an exception! Good hunt into the sky! Rubini. My system for reference: win7 64bits, 16gb, i7 4790k, gtx 1070 8gb, nvidia driver 390.77, Philips Gioco 27" passive 3D EOF============================================================================================
  4. Well, well, well! Just closing one eye will do nothing. You really need a 3d monitor and its glasses to see that pics as it must be. The real stereo 3d for games is much better (for immersion and beautiful) than HDR or 4k just because it really adds (literally) another dimension for games. Its like from water to wine. It´s a pity that the big companies have left it behind. Nvidia will drop it but the 3d drivers will continue to be disposable, just will be not more part of the main package. Also we have a very active community that consumes and fix games to be compatible with 3d. Look at helix mods or 3dvision geforce forum on nvidia official forum. Almost all the main games have fix for 3d right now. And TAW is not an exception. If you have the opportunity to see these pics in a 3d hardware or even play the game in 3d a bit you will become addict to it forever!
  5. Hi mates, Here some pics ( .jps image files) from the final fix. Download, unzip and see them with 3D Vision Photo Viewer (it comes with any Nvidia driver). To open the pics with the 3D Vision Photo Viewer, just unzip them at any place, then right mouse click at one of the .jps image file and choose "open with..." then click on 3D Vision Photo Viewer. Ctrl+v to full screen and left/right arrows do previous/next image. Obviously you need to have a 3d vision ready hw, monitor and glasses. Well, in truth i have a passive monitor with passive glasses that after some official tweeks works same way as the active 3Dvision ones. Some things to note: 1. The pics have some lateral border that are not visible in game 2. Exception for the "at airfield and regular flight" all others actions pics were given from TAW second demo...and TAW demos have low resolution as we know. But look at the images! They are incredible. Hopes that you like them! https://www.dropbox.com/s/xzfcubnvngx5a78/TAW_3DVisionPics.7z?dl=0
  6. Hi mates, I just finished the 3dvision fix for TAW finally. The tires arent fixed because I could not found exactly why and where they are rendering in an different way from the master objects itself. But this is just a minor glitch that dont will break the gameplay and the awesome feeling that just a real 3d can give us. I will post here all the files and directions asap.
  7. Thanks mate! Already downloaded, already installed python 2.7. Will mess with it later today.
  8. 1. Can you give me a download link of these scripts?? 2. That is ok. I can try to find them into the code. These scripts will make things easier for sure. I started this discution about the tires in a hope to find some easy solution as i find for lens flare. I mean , just one universal change and its done. So the approach that need to edit file by file just to fix a small bug ( but annoying one) is yet to be prove to worth it. But i want to test it at least in some models to see, at first, if it really fix the issue.
  9. Wow! Thnaks! Two questions: 1. How you did this? (i meam how you decode the file?) 2. So many "flat shaded quad"....how can I know which are related to the tires??
  10. Well, finish my quick and dirty test. Let me describe what i did. First pass made some mobile vehicles (humvee, tractor, tanker, etc) have a very low lod , 10meters. Ok, The bugged tires disappears but also the object turns in a simple box or just disappears after 10meters as expected Them tried to find on humvee that 007d codes. They are a bit different from the bedford (i didnt find a mission where the bedford appears , this is why i tested with humvee and tractor). In the humvee we have 007d00b1 sequences that i made 007d0000. But dont work. Those dam tires are yet there. Can you take a look on the humvee.3 file (as it is easy to find on taw free flights)? I can then hex it here and test again. I just dont know if im changing the correct place.
  11. Hi mate, Yes will be not that easy even because this approach implies that we need to "fix" one by one and in each vehicle and airplane. Anyhow will be these codes about the wheels or the "bugged" tires? The wheels are correct as we know. Im hex editing some civilian vehicles now just to make a quick test...we have a .3 viewer tool? (will make things easier - I found a link in a thread here but the link is dead)
  12. Hi Krycztij, Today i tested a lot of suspect .tm files (make then all white) and nothing worked. I also noted that the effects (tires and that smoke) fade and disappears as it must be at distance. So perhaps I can find them on .3 files folder? I also tested all files on hwacl folder (where i found the lens flare) and no way. I was thinking that tires and that last smoke effect must be some type of animations....and looking at your above reply they seemed to be exactly what your discribe. What/where are the files where you find these above codes? How can I edit them?
  13. Here. Take note of the wheel and its tires. The wheels are correctly , they are from vehicle texture. But the tires arent correct and arent from vehicles texture. The tires are far from the wheels, this is the problem. I tried to look for them at a lot of folders/files in taw but no luck. Any idea?
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